Secure Data from Social Engineering Threats

You all must be aware of the malware and virus trolling all over internet. So it is very important to secure your computer along with the data stored in your computer. There are hackers who keep their eye intact 24×7 to gain illegal access on your computer and risk your data and valuable information stored on your computer. Here is the tutorial how you can protect your computer and the data stored from hacking and hackers.

social engineering

With the advanced technology internet has had a deep effect on our personal lives. The hacker’s uses social engineering to get illegal access to the data and steal all important and secret information using psychological tricks. The data stored on your computer can be secured from theft by following the instructions given below.

First the hackers send some information and try to gain your trust. Once they have made their impression as reliable. They use filthy tricks to get out your information. For example, the hacker may act as a representative from the bank and ask you to verify information or may pose as a friend or a consultant. There are other traps too like phishing attacks and the use of fake websites, where you enter your personal information and thus you are tracked.

Avoid Social Engineering Activists

Before giving away your personal information to anyone, make sure that it is an authenticated person or site. Hackers use common social engineering techniques to extract information from you. It is advisable not to provide valuable information without having the proof of authenticity.

Keep your Personal Information Private

Nowadays all are fond of social networking sites where they share personal information, pictures and many more in public. It is where the hackers can steal your information, pretending to be a business or company. It is seen that hackers misuse the pictures and personal information to make out profit.

Create Unique Passwords

If you have simple passwords then hackers will take an average of four days to crack it. But, if you add some numeric and special character to it then the time to crack the code increases up to certain years.
Always make sure to keep your password private and not share with anyone. This is because if any of the websites or portals where you’ve entered your information is cracked; there is a good chance that the hacker will retrieve your passkey. This gets worst if you have the same password for all the websites and the hacker will be able to reach all of them.

So, it is better to have a unique and strong password with combination of alphabets, numbers, special characters, etc. If it is difficult to remember you can use a password manager to manage your secret codes.


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