Remove Hijacks, Adware,Toolbar Intrusions with AdwCleaner

When you download anything from Internet knowingly or unknowingly there are certain adware that gets added or installed on your system. Hackers use adware to gain illegal access on your system and can cause huge damage to your PC as well as the data contained on your system. You don’t have to worry over this anymore as you can now remove any kind of adware from your system with AdwCleaner. Follow the tutorial hereto know how to use it to get rid of adware.

remove adware with adwcleaner

Most of times your system gets infected by a toolbar hijack, such as MyWebSearch, and Incredibar and this adware are really annoying and irritating, they change the home page settings and many other settings on your browser. If you are the one irritated with this adware and want to get rid of them, then here is how you can use AdwCleaner to clean your computer.

How to use AdwCleaner to remove Adware

  • Firstly, you need to download AdwCleaner and then run it. The installation is clean and easy that even new users can install it with no complication
  • Next, click on Search to start scanning on your system to remove any adware

adwcleaner search

  • The scanning takes few minutes to search, find and clean the adware, hijacks, etc. on your computer

scan with adwcleaner

  • Once the scanning and removal is completed, a Notepad document appears giving you access to the logs of the scan so you can take a look on what is found.

adwcleaner scan log

  • You now get a pop-up prompting you to continue by closing all programs, simply click “Ok” to continue

adwcleaner close programs

  • Now, AdwCleaner cleans all the adware found on your system. You see another pop-up giving you tips to avoid adware, hijacks, viruses and other threats to your computer.

adwcleaner information

  • Restart your PC upon prompted that will completely finish the clean-up process.


  • Next, click Ok to restart your computer.

After your system restarts, you will see the logs for AdwCleaner’s scan and clean-up procedure. These logs are helpful in getting what issues are causing errors on your system. If you receive repeat problems, then, you can find the culprit causing the problems and take steps to prevent them in the future.

AdwCleaner is easy to use and it removes and resolves a variety of issues from surfing the web. Next time when you see any kind of adware, follow the tutorial here to get rid of the irritating and annoying Adware using AdwCleaner.


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