Prevent Installation of Unauthorized Software on your PC

Many users out there may not be aware when there system has been infected by malware. There are many unauthorized software trolling over Internet that gets installed in the system without your knowledge. This may be the major concerning issue for you as the malware threatens your system. If you are not the only user for your computer, then the risk increases. You may not know which software is malicious and gets installed on your system threatening the security. Follow the tutorial to prevent the installation of unauthorized software.Prevent Installation Unauthorized SoftwareThe unauthorized Software that gets installed on the system knowingly or unknowingly can be the home for various malicious agents risking your data stored on computer. Here is how you can secure your vaulable by avoiding installation of unauthorized software.

The need to prevent installation of unauthorized software is we never know whether it is malicious or not and many unauthorized software contain malwares, Trojans and other spywares that can hack your system and misuse the data stored in your system.

The better way to prevent any unauthorized software from being installed on your PC is by creating a user group and make sure that all users are members of that group, rather being a member of the administrators group. By this way you can prevent users from installing applications that can change the computers configuration.
The alternate way to block the installation of unauthorized software is by modifying some of the entries in the Windows registry Editor. Follow the steps described below to lock the system down thereby preventing other user from installing any new software.

Steps to lock the System

  • Go to start, open Run dialog box and type in regedit or search for it in the search box
  • You can see the Windows registry opened on the screen, next navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion PoliciesExplorer
  • Double-click the PromptRunasInstallNetpath value and set its value to 1
  • Click OK and close the registry.

The other alternate way to block Installation of Unauthorized Software in your PC can be achieved with the help of the application called InstallGuard. This is a free utility program tool for windows operating system including features like Installation Monitoring, Installation and Process Blocking, Change Tracking, etc. Upon attempting to download any software, it alerts you.


InstallGuard allows the authorized one to get install thereby, securing your system from being threatened from any harmful malicious software or application.

This software also prevents spyware, malware, adware and unwanted malicious items from running.

If you are worried about the security of your system, then you can follow the tutorial here and secure the data stored along with the computer from any malicious and unauthorized software.


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