Lock/ Unlock your PC using Pen Drive for Better Privacy

Are you concerned about your PC privacy a lot? Many users out there must really be concerned about the data privacy on the PC and use different PC lock software to secure the data. But, do you know that you can lock your PC by using your pen drive and then to unlock your PC, pen drive will be the only key. Here is the tutorial how you can lock your PC using pen drive.

Lock Unlock  PC using Pen Drive

Using pen drive to boot your computer is really awesome as no one else can login your computer without the USB device.

Steps to Lock PC by Using Pen Drive

Follow the simple steps to enable your pen drive to be a key to unlock your computer.

Before moving on how to create a lock on PC using pen drive, make sure that that the motherboard of your computer supports USB boot and verify whether your computer can carry out this work.

The Pen Drive that is to be used as key for the computer, give a quick format to it and follow the steps given below.

  • For a Windows XP user, firstly open Windows Explorer and click on Tools and go to Folder Options. For VISTA/Windows 7, click on organize > Folder and then to Search Option
  • Next, click on View Tab and check View Hidden File and Folder option
  • Now, Uncheck the Hide protected System Files option and finally click on Ok.
  • Next, navigate to the drive where you have installed the Windows OS. For example if you have installed your OS in C drive, then replace the driver name as you installed. Copy 3 files from the drive named boot.ini, NTDETECT.COM and ntdlr and paste them to your pen drive. Rename the boot.ini of the Hard Disk to boot.bak.
  • Once you are done, restart your PC and enter the system BIOS. Here adjust the boot priority first option to USB.

Again restart your PC, but you will find that it doesn’t boot as the file responsible for system to boot is moved to your pen drive.

So, now onwards your PC won’t boot until and unless you insert the respective pen drive which contains the necessary boot file for successful boot on your system.

By moving the boot file to pen drive you can easily create a key to lock your system and block other user from accessing your computer and secure your computer data and privacy.


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