How to Block or Open a port in Windows 8 Firewall?

Windows Firewall provides protection to your system from external malware threats that are trolling in Internet. Windows allows its user to configure Windows 8 Firewall settings as per there need i.e. block or open port in Windows 7 or Windows 8 firewall. Here is the tutorial how you can block or open a port in Windows 8 Firewall.

Block or Open a port in Windows 8 Firewall

If you are unsatisfied with the default Windows Firewall settings, you can restore it. To do so, go to the advanced settings of firewall. First reach out to control panel and type Firewall in the search box to open Firewall. Here you can click on Advanced Settings link. The tutorial here is about how you can block or open any port in Windows 8 firewall.

How to Block port in Windows 8 Firewall

Follow the process described above to reach out to Advanced Settings of Windows 8 firewall. In the Windows Firewall you can find with Advanced Security window.

Windows Firewall advanced settings

In the left pane you can find the list of rules, from there select Inbound Rules to display the inbound rules section

inbound rules

In the right-pane, select the New Rule option

Windows Firewall new rule

Now a New Inbound Rule Wizard window appears on screen. Here select Port as the new Rule Type and click Next. For safety purposes, you can try blocking TCP port. Next, click on Specific local ports and select ports you want to block or open and hit continue.

Windows Firewall block connection

Next, to block the port select ‘Block the connection’ and click Next

Windows Firewall block connection blocked

Select all the profiles available for different type of connections like Domain, Private and Public and Click Next to continue


Enter a name for the new rule. Add description to the new rule if you want to

block suspicious ports

Finally, hit the Finish button to save and apply the configured the settings.

How to open any blocked port in Windows Firewall

Follow the same procedure and in the New Inbound Rule wizard, specify the Port and select Allow the connection. Thus your port is opened.

At times user might need to open or block ports in Windows firewall, upon following the tutorial here you can block or open port in Windows 8 Firewall.


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