Error Code 0x8007042c – How to Fix it?

Does your computer show Error 0x8007042c? Here is the tutorial to fix the error. The error 0x8007042c generally occurs due to Windows Firewall. The firewall ismeant for protection against unauthorized access of your PC and also prevents the entry of malicious programs into the computer. But, under certain circumstances it causes errors. To fix the error follow the tutorial.

fix Error Code 0x8007042c

Windows firewall is a barrier between the malicious programs and your computer. When the firewall fails to start when you start your computer or due to the missing or corrupt Shared Access registry key, then it gives the error 0x8007042c as the key represents the Windows firewall. To fix this error, follow the given steps.

The files essential for Windows Firewall gets lost or corrupted due to malware activity. This can be fixed by scanning your computer with Microsoft Safety Scanner. This will remove all the malware infection on your computer as well as malware infected file.

Manually start the Windows Firewall services from Services listing. To do so perform the steps given below.

  • Go to Start, in the search box type Services
  • Right-click on Services, then click Run as administrator
  • Upon prompted by UAC, enter your admin password, and hit Enter
  • Search Windows Firewall option, and then double-click Windows Firewall
  • Windows Firewall Properties window will open. Under the Startup type box, click Automatic
  • If Service status showed Stopped, then click Start
  • Click Apply, and then click OK
  • Double click on the Base Filtering Engine from service list
  • Upon opening of the Base Filtering Engine Properties window, check the Service status. If it shows stopped, click Start
  • Lastly, click Apply, and then hit OK.

If the steps mentioned above doesn’t resolve the issue, then follow the next step.

Firstly, you need to create a batch file to stop and restart this service. Perform given steps.

  • Open Notepad and copy the given commands and save the file as Repair.bat in your desktop.
  • sc config MpsSvc start= auto
  • sc config KeyIso start= auto
  • sc config BFE start= auto
  • sc config FwcAgent start= auto
  • net stop MpsSvc
  • net start MpsSvc
  • net stop KeyIso
  • net start KeyIso
  • net start Wlansvc
  • net start dot3svc
  • net start EapHostnet
  • net stop BFE
  • net start BFE
  • net start PolicyAgent
  • net start MpsSvc
  • net start IKEEXT
  • net start DcaSvcnet
  • net stop FwcAgent
  • net start FwcAgent


  • Now right-click on Repair.bat file and click Run as administrator.
  • If prompted for confirmation, then press Y on the keyboard and hit Enter.

Upon completion again start Windows Firewall. If it starts fine, then delete the Repair.bat file from desktop.

The steps described above will fix the error 0x8007042c caused due to Windows Firewall and ensure a swift functioning on your computer.


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