How to Block Unwanted Websites, Internet Ads and Banners?

Every-time you visit the Internet, you are encountered with a number of unnecessary Ads, Banners, websites, Pop-ups, pop-Internet Advertising, banner ads, and video ads. These all are a type of Internet advertising. Nowadays, Internet has become a global market for making money. Many websites are running their business with these Internet ads and banners. Sometimes, it seems like there is just too much advertising and too little content. In addition, the amount of malware currently over Internet has increased a lot. So, it is very important to protect your computer from such type of online threat. Many users limit their exposure to Internet advertising due to this reason. You might have also faced such kinds of problem.

block internet ads

The Web Ads, banners, etc. not only spreads malware, but also creates traffic on the Internet, annoys users, contains offensive content and a lot of time is wasted on the Internet.

To get rid of these unnecessary Ads and websites and to stay safe online, follow the methods discussed below. This may be little difficult, but will assure security to your computer.

Protect your system from infection through Anti-virus, firewall, HIPS

Install Anti-virus program on your system which provides firewall as well as HIPS. The problem with depending only on an antivirus to protect you is that no program can catch all malware. For example, you can download Comodo Internet Security as it comes with an antivirus, firewall, HIPS, and an automatic sandbox. This will provide a complete security to your system.

Scan for Existing Malware

To ensure that your computer is not infected, or perhaps you suspect it is, then you need to scan with your current antivirus on your computer. After ensuring your computer is not infected it’s now important to keep it that way. Always make sure that the files you download are not malicious before you run them.

Protect PC Through Your Browser

You can protect your PC through from the browser itself. Nowadays, web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc. come with general protection to prevent malwares from entering the computers. The browsers provide protections like encryption support (with SSL & TLS), deletion of private data, and pop-up blocking. They also warn the users through the warning screens to help you avoid known malicious sites (anti-phishing, anti-malware protection). The browser also has private browsing modes that clear your tracks when you close the browser. Google Chrome has built-in secure sandboxing. This makes them especially difficult for outsiders to exploit, even when hackers do find a bug. In addition, it will warn you if the site you are visiting has an SSL certificate that may not be trustworthy.

Software to block website and Ads

Different software is now available which warns you before visiting any harmful sites. The software program will allow you to access the sites that are certified and trustworthy. With this installed if you happen upon a potentially dangerous site, it will display a warning screen and waits for you to decide whether to stay or leave. Examples of such type of software programs are Adblock plus, Web of Trust (WOT), McAfee SiteAdvisor, etc. These software blocks the Ads and other Internet banners.

Use a Secure DNS Service

To prevent the malicious object from reaching your PC, use a secure DNS service. Many good free DNS providers currently available. They are relatively easy to set up and require no software. These services use servers that are more secure than your regular ISP, and they even filter out any known malicious content before it ever reaches your computer.

Prevent Any Communication with Bad or Harmful Websites

You can download software program which prevents or block harmful or bad sites based on a site’s IP address. You can take the help of such software program to prevent visiting unwanted website.

You can also block website without using any software program.

Follow the steps below to manually block the website without using any extra software.

  • Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc on the Address bar
  • Find the file named “HOSTS”
  • Right click to open it in notepad
  • Under “ localhost” Add the site name you want to block. For Ex: and that site will no longer be accessible.

block websites

By following the above procedure you can now block the unwanted website, Ads, banners or any kind of Internet advertising and secure your browsing as well as your computer.


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