Block Autorun.INF Manually

You will never be aware when your computer becomes a house for malware and viruses. Recently, it has been figured out that the current viruses comes with .exe or .bat extension hidden files. These viruses have the ability to spread rapidly through USB drives like pen drives or removable media like DVD Rom or Hard Disk Drive. You need to block the entry of viruses on your Operating System as they can harm the computer and even lead to may serious problems. There are various Anti-malware or Anti-viruses software available to prevent the entry of virus. Here is the tutorial how you can block Autorun.INF manually.

Block Autorun.INF manuallyEven though you use the best antivirus software on your system, but there still remains some possibility that the virus can make their entry to your system. There are some malware who do not smell of virus namely, autorun.inf hidden file at pen drive, this can put your computer to a high risk. This file reside and keep on multiplying on your computer.
Here is how you can prevent the entry of virus on your computer.

autorun file

Follow the steps below within Windows XP explorer.

Steps to Block Autorun.INF manually

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to its tab
  • Now, you need to navigate to Tools > Folder Options > File Types
    Or simply press Alt+T from Windows explorer
  • In order to prevent the autorun.inf, from the Extensions list select .INF

block autorun inf

  • Next click Advanced Button
  • To prevent the autorun.inf from getting multiplied in your computer, simply choose “Remove Install”, “Open Actions” from “Actions List” then click “OK”.

inf file type

Once you have completed all the steps, you have disabled the autorun.inf from running on your system.

Upon following the tutorial, you can block the entry of autorun.inf malware disguised file from entering your system. It is always advised to keep your Anti-virus on the system updated and always make sure to scan your system upon inserting any device or pen drives in the system.

As malware can cause severe damage to your system, make frequent scan on your system. Block the Autorun.INF by following the steps described above and secure your computer from external malware threats.


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