Add-ons to Scan URL for Secure Browsing on Google Chrome

Nowadays many malicious sites are trolling on the Internet that enter your computer with a click and risk your computer as well as your data. You may not be aware regarding which sites are malicious and may install some unnecessary malicious contents that can be a great threat to the system and data stored in the system. But, there are some useful link checkers and URL scanners that can detect a malicious site and warns you upon visiting them. Follow the tutorial here to know about some interesting and useful link checkers & URL Scanners for Chrome Browser.

url scanners chrome
If you are a chrome user, here are some link checkers that will scan the site you are visiting and notify you if any suspicious activity is noted. Moreover, URL scanners are a great way to avoid malicious programs.
Google Chrome in-build’s a feature named Google’s Safe Browsing system that warns if a site is malicious. To provide protection, you can take the help of the URL Scanners listed here and add to Chrome as plug-ins.

URL Scanners for Secure Browsing on Chrome


Quettera developed by VirusTotal scans a given website URL for suspect Javascript code, hidden HTML elements, dubious PDF files and more. Simply download the program and you see a command window-type interface. Select the sites to start a scan and after few minutes displays the results. Sometimes it misses some threats or marks them as suspicious content, so you need to be really careful.


Short URL Scanner

Short URL Scanner is a free Google Chrome plug-in featured to scan short URLs for malicious items. It uses McAfee SiteAdvisor ( to retrieve reports on various websites you visit.
To scan a URL, simply highlight the URL and hit the browser action icon for Short URL Scanner. After scanning, it alerts you through pops up verifying whether the link is safe to browse or not.

short url scanner

VTchromizer from VirusTotal

VTchromizer allows you to scan links directly with VirusTotal’s web application. It displays any suspicious malicious site.

VirusTotal Chrome extension VTchromizer

Now, you can remain safe while browsing Internet, by scanning the site beforehand. So, secure your computer from internet threat by scanning the websites you are visiting.


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