Turn On Off PalmCheck Touchpad Windows 8

Turn On /Off PalmCheck for Touchpad in Windows 8

Many users out there might have come across the annoying situation where you find that touchpad isn’t working while you are typing or using your keyboard. This can really irritating when you are typing...
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lock user tile

Windows 8 – Add or Remove Lock from the User Tile Menu

The new Windows 8 start screen has been fascinating many users out there. As we all are aware that Windows 8 has been developed for both Windows 8 PC and Smartphone’s. The start screen is an assembly...
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7+ Taskbar Numberer to open Apps pinned to Taskbar with that number

7+ Taskbar Numberer to open Apps pinned to Taskbar with that number

Earlier I have discussed about a utility ModernMix in one of my posts. ModernMix utility tool makes Windows 8 interface more user-friendly. Here in this tutorial we will be discussing about another utility...
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Rename Network Connection Windows 8

Renaming a Network Connection in Windows 8

Internet has become the part and partial of life. To enable your PC to connect to the internet it requires a set of information called network connection. This allows you to connect to the Internet, a...
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System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSUR) repair Windows Update

Use System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSUR) to repair Windows Update

Windows sends update to upgrade your system from time to time to prevent error in the system. Windows resources, such as file data, registry data, or memory data, can develop contradiction during the lifetime...
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Shortcut to Storage Spaces Windows 8

Shortcut for Storage Spaces in Windows 8

It would be way easier if you could open Windows 8 Storage Spaces in a click. The tutorial here is all about how you can create Storage Spaces shortcut in order to open it easily. Follow the steps given...
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Apply a Custom View to All Folders

Windows 8 – Apply a Custom View to All Folders having Same Template

You must have come across this situation where you set custom view option to see a folder either in form of thumbnails or tiles, etc. Today we will be discussing about how you can “Apply to Folders”...
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edit images windows PC Image Editor

Free & Easy to use Windows Image Editor – PC Image Editor

Are you a kind of person who is fond of editing Images? Then here is a small but yet very useful tool that can effectively edit your images. PC Image Editor is what we are talking about. Be it a novice...
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Force Restart Windows Updates Windows 8

Force Restart after Windows Updates in Windows 8

You might have noticed that when you install any Windows update or software the system asks your permission to restart in order to apply changes or to effect the changes. Have you ever wondered if your...
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ie 10 inprivate browsing shortcut

Windows 8 – Create IE10 InPrivate Browsing Shortcut

Microsoft has brought out many changes in Internet Explorer 10 along with Windows 8 OS. It has added many new features making the browser different from its earlier version. Windows 8 comes with new Internet...
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