View Hidden Devices from Windows 7 Device Manager

As described in the previous post, Device Manager is used to find and install missing drivers on your Windows computer. Most users out there may not know that it can also display hidden devices. At times there certain software’s who install drivers to work properly on your computer. These drivers may sometime remain hidden. Here is the tutorial how you can view the hidden device drivers on your Windows 8 & 7 computer.

show hidden devices windows

Firstly open the Device Manager in Windows 8, switch to start screen and type device. Then, search Settings and click on Device Manager OR go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

search device manager settings windows 8
When the device Manager window appears, here you can list all hardware components or devices and drivers installed on your computer. The components are grouped by category. You can also see the3 details of the drivers and devices that is make, model, etc.

To see the hidden devices in Device manager, click the View menu at the toolbar and check Show hidden devices option from the menu. When you see the category of devices named Non-Plug and Play Drivers.

show hidden devices

You get to see a very long list of drivers for things such as the system beep, drivers for your sound card, and drivers for the Windows Firewall, virtual machine drivers, etc. and this all is for Windows 7.

In Windows 8, hidden devices are not shown under Non-Plug and Play Drivers rather listed under their appropriate category. You can also notice more categories of devices displayed in the window.

Disable or Enable Devices from Device Manager

You can also disable or enable devices from device manager when needed. To disable a device, simply right click on it, select Disable from the menu that appears. Upon ask for confirmation, click on Yes to proceed. If ask to do a restart, go for it.

disable device

To re-enable a device, follow the same procedures and click on enable, instead of Disable.

Device Manager is a very useful tool in managing your system’s components. You can find missing drivers, troubleshoot ant issues with the drivers and many more.

Upon following the steps described you can view the hidden drivers or enable or disable devices on your Windows computer.


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