Terminate program completly that remain open even after closing in the Task Manager

You might have noticed that even after closing the program the program is still running in the Task Manager this is because the .exe files continues running. You can end the task of the running programs from the task manager itself, but sometimes it becomes difficult to kill the task. Here is the tutorial how to end the task in the task manager after the program has been closed.end program taskmanager process explorer
When you find that the exe file stays open in the task manager after closing the program you can use the utility program called Process Explorer by Mark Russinovich. Process Explorer allows the user to have a look into the files, dll, exe a program when called during its operation. This way we can find out the culprit behind the running task in the task manager.

Firstly, download Process Explorer and run the app as administrator

process explorer1jpg

Now, enable the lower panel by clicking on the View Menu > Show Lower Pane or by simply pressing Ctrl + L

process explorer2jpg
Next you have to select the program that remains open even after closing it. Now go through the Lower Panel and there you will find a couple of handles (open file references of the running program) along with these you can also find other handles as well.

process explorer3

You can find Microsoft related handles like Frameworks, Session Managers etc. as during the normal conditions Microsoft related handles doesn’t put up any issue that will cause the .EXE to stay open in Task Manager, as it is more likely a third-party applications, so it can be ignored.

Look for any other application references as they prevent the application from closing the task. If you see any application reference or handle then you can see the location where the program is installed and a dll associated with the Program. If you are not completely assured whether that is the culprit responsible preventing the program from closing then just right-click on the reference and close the handle and see if the .exe disappears from the list. If it does, then you have found the culprit. If not then keep looking because in some cases there will be a lot of references.

Tracking of the program is a little hectic job and you need to spare time in tracking the reference. Thus, by using Process Explorer you can easily track down the exact culprit that prevents the program from closing the task completely from the task manager.


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