Restoring Lost Administrative Password

Did you ever happen to lose your Administrator password to login your Windows? Here are some easy ways to recover your Admin password. When you lose your password, you are debarred from accessing your computer and there is a wall between you and your data as the logging is almost impossible. Follow the tutorial here how you can restore your Password easily without troubling you a lot.

Restore Lost Administrative PasswordOnce you lose your password you are completely blanked out as you won’t be able to access your computer and neither your data in it. Here are some easy ways that you can put into use to change your Admin password.

Firstly, you can try logging your PC with no password administrator login. To do so, go to the default admin account which stores information regarding admin credentials. If you haven’t changed its password, then you can easily log in to your windows without any password.

Subsequently, you can try resetting your password or say set a new password. To do so, follow the steps here. When you enter the wrong password, you get a message prompting your user name or password is incorrect. When this message appears click Ok, click reset password, and then follow the on screen instructions.

If still you are not able to login your computer, then download Windows Password Key 8.0, it is a complete operating system bootable from CD\DVD or USB flash drive.

Alternate way to recover your lost admin password is to log on to admin account which you will be using to reset the lost password. Next, open local users and groups, by clicking the start button icon of the start button. Now type Iusrmgr.msc into the start search box, and then hit enter. Upon prompted by administrator permission or admin password or confirmation, type the password or provide verification. Finally double click local users and groups, and then click users and type and confirm the new password.

Make sure that if you are using an admin account to reset the password, you won’t be able to access any E-mail messages, encrypted files and other details ever.
Here is the tutorial for how you can restore your Admin password and start accessing your system like before.


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