Best Programs To Improve Windows Performance And Toolbars

Microsoft has always made some changes and added new feature with the every latest version of Windows OS. But, some of the features in Windows are not readily accepted by many users. With every little changes there are some glitches caused in the redesigned Windows. In this tutorial some Apps and programs are discussed which are compatible with Windows 7 and improves the performance of the Windows and removes all the glitches in new Windows.

Best Programs improve Windows Performance Toolbars

The programs discussed below will remove the glitches and enhance the performance of Windows. Sometime you might get distracted by too many windows open on your computer and all are important to keep. In that case you can use any of the utility programs to make the inactive window go transparent.


This is a freeware which puts a transparent screen to the inactive windows. It is occupies less space and gets downloaded and installed in real-time. It is highly configurable and dims all the inactive windows except the one you are working on. For instance you want to have a look on your mail box while enjoying a movie, then Ghoster is the best option for you.

Fading Taskbar

It is similar to that of Ghoster. It dims specific elements or inactive windows on your computer screen.
Sometimes the taskbar keeps distracting, so to avoid this you can use Fading Taskbar. It fades the taskbar and the best part is you can modify the transparency levels on your windows taskbar according to your needs.


The name itself signifies the function of this utility program. It makes inactive Windows go transparent rather than making them dim or dull. It can be easily located your computer system tray and allows you to focus on a single window with many other windows open. It also allows you to set the transparency settings according to your need.


It is another Windows customization tool to dim the windows screen. This utility program can make your screen up to 50% dim. Like the other tools mentioned above, the transparency level and dimming percentage can be adjusted according to your suitability. Upon downloading and installing the utility program in your computer system you will notice an icon in your taskbar and your screen will instantaneously get dim by 50%.

You can use the above mentioned tools to customize the Windows and Toolbars. If you don’t want to get distracted by too many open windows you can use the programs to dim the inactive windows and enhance better execution of programs.


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