How To fix Intermittent Computer Noise Orginating from Errors in the OS?

Different errors are generated from the Operating System which leads to unwanted noise in the Computer. One of the cause of this intermittent noise is the recent updates in the windows. These noise can be prevented by repairing Windows or by Re-imaging or by updating the existing Windows or OS. Follow the tutorial to fix the errors.

OS error

To fix the Intermittent noise coming from the Computer can be fixed by following the procedures described below.

1: Fix Error Using PC Cleaner Pro

pc cleaners pro

The first step to fix the issue is by using PC Cleaner Pro. This program specializes in Windows repair. It fixes, Internet Explorer errors, ActiveX errors, JavaScript and scripting errors along with C++ errors, EXE/ DLL/ OCX/ INF/ VXD errors, slow sluggish behavior of PC and tons more errors. For even better result, fine-tune your PC for maximum performance.

Steps to use PC Cleaner Pro:

  •  Download and Save PC_Cleaner_Pro.exe to your desktop.
  •  Double click on the PC_Cleaner_Pro.exe icon on your desktop.
  •  By default it will be installed to C:\Program Files\PC Cleaners\
  •  Click on Install and follow the on-screen instructions.
  •  It will create a PC Cleaners icon on the desktop.
  •  Once installed, launch PC Cleaner then it will automatically start a scan.

Upon the completion of scan, Click on Fix All and restart your computer. This will clear out all the errors in the PC and reduce the noise coming out from the computer.

 2: Fix Using Reimage Tool

reimage tool

Even after using PC Cleaner Pro the error persists, then go for Reimage. Not doing this seems to make the error come back again after a restart.

The Reimage program also specializes in Windows repair. It scans and diagnoses, then repairs, your damaged PC and not only fixes your Windows operating system, but also reverses the damage already done with its full database of replacement files.

  • Download and save Reimagerepair.exe to your computer
  • After downloading, run the the program
  • Once Reimage has opened it will start a scan

After the scan is finished, Click on Start Repair. It will repair the errors in the OS. Once the repair is done, reboot your computer to make effect of the change.

3: Windows Updation

windows update

After the completion of the above mentioned steps, the next step is to update the windows.

We need to make sure that Windows is up to date and has all the latest patches and updates installed. To do this, open Windows Update. You can either search for ‘Windows Update’ in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu or you can visit and it will automatically load it for you. Restart your PC once the updation is over.

After the completion of the above three steps, the intermittent noise generated from the errors in the OS will be fixed and the system will be function properly. If the problem still persists, then, it may be due to hardware issue. The intermittent noise generated due to hardware issue or other probable reasons can be fixed by following the link.


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