How to Minimize Running Windows or Apps Automatically on PC?

Do you have the habit of running different applications at time and get visually distracted upon what to view? Many of them out there have the habit of running apps on PC as you will be needing them at any point of time. This further causes visual distractions and otherwise hinders the productivity while you were trying to maximize in the first place. You don’t have to waste time in minimizing a page or apps as this can be automatically minimized. Follow the tutorial to know how you can minimize the running apps automatically.

minimize windows apps automatically

If you have left a lot of active and running applications in your PC, then the solution to minimize the application automatically is to use the software Swept Away. Swept Away is a simple system tray utility software that automatically minimizes applications that you aren’t using. It minimizes inactive windows after a user-defined period of time to keep your working desktop clear. A desktop full of open windows leads to visual distraction and lose focus on your current application and workflow.minimize windows automatically

Swept Away is a freeware application, which is responsible for one and only one task – sweep or minimize applications that haven’t been used after a certain time period elapses. The configuration options are sparse; allowing you to customize the time interval before activation. Swept Away keeps the desktop screen clean.

swept away

Download Swept Away and just run it, then set the time before minimizing (it defaults to 5 mins). You can also opt to run Swept Away at startup through the preferences menu, but by default it will not start up with Windows. There are some windows that you just don’t want to minimize no matter how long they’re inactive. To compensate, Swept Away has an exclusion list that lets you pick the applications you never want Swept Away to minimize. To exclude a running application, just right-click the Swept Away icon and pick the application and place a check mark next to the application you want to exclude on the Exclude list. Unless you deselect it, Swept Away will never minimize windows from that application.

The usage of the software depends on you. This will keep you focused to workspace. Swept Away is portable. It’s also open source and is written in Autohotkey. There are different versions of Swept Away each having specific functions.

  • Version 0.3 – Bug fixes, adding ability to change polling time for computers seeing higher than-desired CPU load, changed minimizing method to work with Firefox’s trim-on-minimize tweak for saving a bit of RAM.
  • Version 0.2 – Few bug fixes, lots of code optimization. Addresses reported high CPU usage.
  • Version 0.1

If you suffer from OCD, ADD, or just appreciate a distraction free working environment, then Swept Away is an excellent component towards that goal by minimizing the running application or window.


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