How to set functional Website as Desktop wallpaper?

Today we will be discussing about a simple trick to make any working webpage as your desktop wallpaper. The topic seems interesting. If you like customizing or using new tricks on Windows, here is one described in the as desktop wallpaperAt times we come across websites or webpage’s and wish to set them as desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper is the first thing that comes on screen after you boot your system. You can even use this trick to surprise anyone. If you are connected to Internet, then the websites that are set can be kept updated or say the desktop wallpaper gets updated with the update in the original site. It is quite a trick to make your stable wallpaper on Windows functional.

Follow the simple steps below to make any functional website as your wallpaper.

Steps to set Websites as Desktop Wallpapers on Windows

  • Firstly, right click on Desktop and select Properties from the context menu
  • In the properties window, click on Desktop tab
  • Next, select Customize Desktop button at the bottom

customize desktop

  • In the Desktop Icons window, click the Web tab

make website desktop wallpaper

  • Now, hit New button on right side
  • This will open New Desktop Items wizard, here type in the complete URL for your desired websites in the URL tab  including ‘http://’. For example, and hit OK
  • This will start downloading the webpage you have entered, including images and additional files, straight to your desktop


  • Finally, click OK, OK and OK again to apply the changes and close the opened windows.

Now you can see your favorite webpage or website on your desktop in a small window. Simply maximize the window and you can get a desktop screen as shown in screenshot above.

However, the websites that are set as desktop wallpaper cannot be configured or say no options to resize the window. You can even checkout daily updates on the websites just by connecting to the internet or in other words say, you have the ability to synchronize pages so that it will be up to date on connecting to Internet.

So, the tutorial here is all about how you can set functional Website as your desktop wallpaper any time.


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