How to Quickly Locate a Lost Mouse Pointer on Windows XP & 7?

Sometimes while working out with Windows loaded Computer it so happens that you seem to have lost the arrow pointer or the cursor of the mouse in the screen because of factors like too much screen clutter, a congested image, sudden and unwanted movement of the mouse, etc. Sometimes it camouflages with the background while other times our eyes just play tricks on us. Many of them out there try shaking the mouse in random directions to locate it. It sometimes take time to locate it back for some new users. There is a simple way in how you can locate a lost mouse pointer in the screen. Follow the tutorial to find the easiest way to locate the lost mouse pointer.

locate mouse cursor pointer

Sometimes due to confusing images it becomes difficult in locating the mouse pointer. To instantly locate a mouse pointer, windows operating system comes with a handy feature. Follow the tutorial to activate it in the Windows Control Panel.

Locate Mouse Pointer in Windows XP

  • Click on Start and then go to Control Panel and click on Printers and other Hardware Devices.

printers and hardware options

  • Click on Mouse option under the printer and other Hardware Devices.


  • Upon clicking on Mouse option a window showing mouse properties appears.

pointer option

  • Click on Pointer Options tab under it. Under the Visibility section tick mark the option reading Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key. Click on Apply and Ok to close the Mouse Properties window.

Locate Mouse Pointer in Windows 7

  • Go to Start. Search for mouse in the search box at the bottom of the start menu. (OR) Go to Control Panel and search the Mouse icon.

control panel

  • Click on the mouse option to open the properties window and switch to the Pointer Options tab and under the Visibility section tick mark the option reading Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key.

Mouse Pointer Options

  • Click on Apply and Ok to close the Mouse Properties window.

This feature will allow you to find the mouse pointer quickly and easily by creating a ring animation around the location where the mouse is present whenever you press the Ctrl key. This can be helpful in searching mouse in a confusing image and particularly useful for computer users with poor vision.

You can also change the mouse pointer scheme in the registry editor. Windows 7 is accommodated with default set of cursors that you can change it to. To change your computer’s mouse pointer scheme in a registry, you select a new mouse scheme that you created or downloaded for free on the Internet.

Click on Start to open the Run dialog box. Place the cursor into the text box and type regedit and hit enter. The Registry Editor window will open. Select File and then select Import. Browse to find the folder to which you saved the custom mouse pointer scheme files. Double click on the file to import it. You will see a confirmation dialog box when it has finished and click OK.

Again, click the Start > Select Control Panel > Go to Mouse option > Click the Pointers tab > Click on the Scheme drop-down list > Select the imported scheme and click OK to apply the scheme.

The above-mentioned tips will help you locate the mouse pointer immediately by creating a ring animation around it on pressing the ctrl key.


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