How to fix the Error – Ctfmon.exe?

Are you worried about the process named ctfmon.exe? This process runs in the computer and can be viewed under task manager. This process appears even if you remove it from the startup items. But, what exactly is ctfmon.exe. Here is the tutorial to let you know what ctfmon.exe is and whether it is useful to us, if not how to remove it from our computer system.

fix error ctfmon.exe

Ctfmon.exe is the Microsoft process that is responsible for controlling the Alternative User Input and the Office Language bar. This process is useful for those who control the computer via speech or a pen tablet, or using the onscreen keyboard inputs for Asian languages like Chinese, etc., handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation, and other alternative user input technologies while for others it is just an annoying process and needs to be disabled. If you operate your system with pen input, then you need to keep this process running or else disable it.

Remove Ctfmon.exe Process

There are various methods of removing the Ctfmon.exe process. You might have tried removing it from the start up, but it appears. Remove ctfmon.exe from msconfig doesn’t disable it.

Disable Ctfmon.exe Process from Office Setup

The Ctfmon.exe can be removed from Microsoft Office setup by removing the feature in the setup. This method is applicable in Windows XP and Vista. Put an end to all office programs and follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs or open RUN dialog box and type Appwiz.cpl
  • Under currently installed programs list, click to select Microsoft Office product, where Office product is the name of the specific Office product being used.
  • Search your Microsoft office and Click Change. In the Maintenance Mode Options dialog box, select Add or Remove Features, and then click Next. This next window that appears displays the Choose installation options for all Office applications and tools dialog box.
  • Click the plus sign (+) next to Office Shared Features to expand it.
  • Click the icon next to Alternative User Input, and then select Not Available.
  • Click Update.

Upon completion of the above steps you will no longer find the Ctfmon.exe.

Disable Advanced Text Services

You can put an end to the application every time you boot your system. Perform the steps given below.

For Windows XP

  • Go to Control Panel > Regional Options > Date, time and language
  • Then click on Regional and Language Options
  • Select the Languages tab and click Details

remove ctfmon

  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Under System Configuration, check the box Stop advanced text services
  • Click on Apply and validate with OK

For Windows Vista, Go to control Panel, select Regional and Language Options and then find Change keyboards or other input methods. Under the Keyboards and Languages tab, choose Change keyboards, after that follow the similar steps that of XP described above.

After trying all the above stated procedures, the error prevails or Ctfmon.exe process isn’t removed, and then follows the next instruction. Open the RUN dialog box and type these two commands Regsvr32.exe /u msimtf.dll, Regsvr32.exe /u msctf.dll.

uncheck ctfmon.exe

After running these commands verification is necessary to make sure Ctfmon.exe has been removed from Startup. In the RUN dialog box type in msconfig. Under the startup tab uncheck ctfmon.exe.

The methods that are described above will remove the Ctfmon.exe error from your system.


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