Fix Problems using Windows Event Viewer

You might have face situation when your system crashes down and you lose all your data. It is really annoying situation when your system crashes down and your left behind with your work in between. PC is essential and has become most important for everyone. But, when it crashes down all of a sudden you should know what exactly caused your system to crash down. Here is the tutorial how you detect the culprit behind the failing computer.

Fix Problems using Windows Event Viewer
In Windows you can detect what caused your system to crash down and is quite useful as you can prevent it next time and you can do to stop it happening again. This can be done by going to the Event Log and seeing what was left there.
The event log records all events occurring in Windows. It records each and every event occurring in the system such as applications and other things. Once get to know how exactly the Event log works you can use it to find out just what caused your system to crash down. In many cases the information can be saved for future use. Most of the technical support advisors also take information from the Event Viewer to know exactly what the error was.

Understanding the Event Viewer

The Event Viewer keeps stack of different events; they may be information, Warning and Error events. However, information events are given the less priority as they contain all normal operations. It doesn’t provide any real information to the user other than the event that has been kicked off by an application or by the system and is just there for information. If the system has something that caused concern, then a warning is left that indicates that there is something not right but despite of the issue the operation was still able to continue. An error indicates that there is something that is wrong and may be an issue.

event viewer error

When you get any kind of error, you should get it checked. The error may be due to a probable reason that you are aware of but the event log provides information on exactly what went wrong. If the error appears once then it is not that important. If the error keeps on repeating itself then there is something obviously wrong and need to be fixed.

To get to the event viewer, Go to start > control panel > Performance and Maintenance >  Administrative Tools > Event viewer.

event viewer

Users who are quite good in dealing with the Computer programs use the Event Viewer to solve their problems and keep the system in their control. This is most commonly used tool used by the system administrator especially those who build their own computers. This tool is useful to make sure that the new App that has been installed in the system is running correctly. If you get frequent reboots or hardware not running properly or some software causing errors then this is the place where the problem can be fixed. When you find out what exactly is causing your system to crash down encounter any kind of problems you can hopefully have them solved. Windows almost records log events when there are some critical issues in your computer, you can use these logs to resolve the issues quickly.

So, next time when you find any kind if errors on your computer, you can check out the event viewer to fix the issue.


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