Fix PC Automatic Shutdown at Startup

Does your computer shutdown as soon as it boot up? There are various reasons or culprits behind automatic shutdown, but have you ever though out of box that it can be caused by applying certain tricks on your computer. This trick can be used to fool anyone or for fun or you can apply these so that no one else can operate your system. Here is the trick how you can shutdown one’s computer as soon as it starts.

Shutdown Startup

You must have often noticed that your computer automatically shutdowns on booting. This can be achieved by creating a simple windows command (dos) program that is simply by creating a .bat program with shutdown instructions.

To create .bat file to automate shutdown, follow the steps described below

  • Go to start and open Notepad or Go to All programs > Accessories > Notepad

open notepad

  • In notepad, type

@echo off
cd /
shutdown -s -t 00 -c “Permanent Shutdown Installed: To unlock –”

  • Next, save the file on the Desktop. Select as type All Files and name the file as Kill.bat

save shutdown file

Now the .bat file is created having shutdown command

  • You can also Download the same program and install it on your system.
  • Next, you need to add it to windows startup folder so that it starts repeating and enforce the action.
  • Go to Start > All Programs > Startup > Explore it

startup explore

The file has been installed on the target system.

Now whenever, the system is turned ON, the shutdown program that was added to start up starts executing and the computer shutdowns.

If you are one fallen in the trap of this kind of trick then here is how you can solve the problem.

To fix the automatic shutdown on startup, boot your computer in safe mode & delete the Kill.bat program. To enter the Windows safe mode, restart your PC and F8 function key on your keyboard and you see the windows loading splash screen with safe boot option.

Upon following the tricks discussed here you can shut down your computer at startup and also resolve the issue.

This trick has been developed by TECHZOST.


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