How to fix gcswf32.dll Error on Your Computer?

Does your computer give the error gcswf32.dll has stopped working all of a sudden? The possible causes and methods to solve the error is described in this tutorial. But, before moving on to how to fix the error, first let us know what exactly gcswf32.dll is. The gcswf32.dll is a dynamic link library file (DLL) developed by Adobe Systems Inc. It is an executable file which guides some computer programs to operate and function properly without any hindrance. Follow the tutorial to fix the gcswf32.dll error.

fix error gcswf32.dll

While viewing an important page out of nowhere the computer will suddenly show a gcswf32.dll has stopped working error message. If the gcswf32.dll file gets corrupted or modified or mis-deleted or moved to other location can cause the error.

fix error gcswf32.dll stopped working

Causes of gcswf32.dll error

  • Corrupt DLL files.
  • The gcswf32.dll file was accidentally deleted or when an application is uninstalled it caused missing DLL errors.
  • gcswf32.dll file gets infected or deleted by a virus or Trojan.
  • Invalid or incorrect Windows registry entries in the registry editor of a computer.

Fix gcswf32.dll error

Search for gcswf32.dll file

Firstly, search for the missing gcswf32.dll file on your computer. You might have deleted the file unknowingly. Check into the Recycle bin for the deleted DLL files. If you are able to find the DLL files, then simply restore it and see whether it solves the problem. If not found, then directly download the file from a verified trusted website. On installing them you can fix the error on your computer. You can also try copying the file from other computer having the same OS and paste it in C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application.

Scan the system with Anti-virus

It is always recommended having an antivirus installed in the system. The gcswf32.dll error can be caused due to malware infection on the computer as they can attack and remove any file from it. Scan the full system with a trusted anti-virus and make sure that it is updated. The anti-virus will remove all the threats and resolve the DLL error.

Undo the Recent changes

If you find that after installing any specific program or software you are getting the gcswf32.dll error message then the program is the culprit behind causing this kind of problem. Undo all the recent changes or uninstall all the recently installed programs from the computer. You can now see that the error has been resolved

Clean the Registry Editor

All the program data are stored in the Registry of a computer. It is a large database inside the Windows system, which is used to store all important information & settings for your computer to enhance proper functioning of the computer. Due to some changes it gets damaged & corrupted as you install & uninstall programs, causing the gcswf32.dll error on your computer. Scan and clean the registry editor by using a registry cleaner to fix all the registry related issues. By doing this you can now get rid of the gcswf32.dll error and also increases the computer performance.

Fix the DLL error before it causes any other critical error on the computer. Download Advanced PC Tweaker which will fix all errors existing on your computer.

Upon following the above procedures you can easily fix the gcswf32.dll error on your computer.


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