Fix Corrupted Windows XP without Reinstalling the OS

Does your Windows computer encounters error every now and then? Upon getting errors many user believe that the culprit behind this error is the corrupted OS. The only solution in that case is to format the operating system. But, formatting your system will involve losing of data from the hard drive. To avoid the loss you need to keep a back up. All this process creates a lot of agony and if you are a beginner, then it’s really irritating. Here is the tutorial how you can fix the corrupted OS without formatting your computer.

repair corrupt windows xp

We consider formatting our system upon encountering any error and reinstall the OS. But, formatting option must be considered the last solution to fix the error. Before moving on to formats, try sorting out the error by properly diagnosing the error and the root cause of it. Repairing the Windows XP can simply get you relief from the agony caused by the corrupted OS. This method will not delete the files or data stored on your computer unlike the formatting option. Repairing OS is much better option than formatting your disk here the risk of losing data is least.

If you come across that your Windows XP OS is corrupted then you can simply repair it. Follow the steps described below to repair the OS.

Steps to Repair your Windows XP without formatting or reinstalling the OS on your PC

  • At first, insert your bootable Windows XP in your CD/DVD drive
  • Reboot your computer
  • Upon prompting to press any key to boot from CD, press any key on your keyboard. If it doesn’t ask you, then restart your computer again
  • Enter into BIOS settings by pressing any key on your keyboard mostly its F2 or F10 function keys differs from computer to computer
  • Upon getting into the bios, you need to change the boot options. Change the primary boot option to CDRom. Enter Save and exit
  • Select To setup Windows XP when the blue screen appears and press ENTER

bios windows xp

  • Do not choose to Repair yet. This will display your existing Windows XP copy
  • Now, select Repair to repair the selected Windows XP installation by pressing the letter R key on your keyboard

repair windows xp

  • This will make your system windows to run in its usual installation process. Wait for the installation process to complete

At some point during the installation it would prompt to enter the serial number and restart the computer. Upon completion of the process you would see that your files are still there as it was and the only change you see is better operating system with no more errors that you had earlier.

The above-mentioned process will fix all the errors on the Windows XP OS without formatting your PC.


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