Search for the Missing Files from System32 Folder in Windows XP

The Windows System32 files is an important computer directory necessary for the stability of the operating system Windows. It accumulates Windows operating system’s core files. If by any chance you have deleted the  system32 folder, then several Windows services would fail, and the operating system itself would become unstable. Most of system32 files are important for the functioning of the computer. System32 can be found in the hard drive under the Windows folder or WinNT folder, depending on the type of operating system installed on your desktop. If a file is missing from the system32, then it can cause many unknowing damage to the computer.

search missing files sys32 windows xp

In order to avoid such instability on your computer operating system it is necessary to find the missing files from system32 folder. Follow the instructions given below to find the missing files of System32.

  • Click “Start”, then “My Computer” , and then double-click the C: Drive
  • Click “Tools”, and then click “Folder Options”
  • Click the “View tab”
  • Remove the check marks from “Hide extensions for known file types, and Hide protected operating system files”
  • Click Yes to confirm displaying the files.
  • Select “Show hidden files and folders” under “Hidden files and folders”
  • Click Apply, and then click OK . The Folder Options window closes.

folder options

Now, you can easily see all the hidden files of your computer.

If the files are still missing, then try the next method.

  • Click the “Start” button
  • Click on the “Search” option

start search

  • A new dialog box entitled Search Results will open. Choose the “All Files and Folders” option
  • In the All or Part of the Filename box, insert the whole name of the missing system32 file. Remember to place the file extension in the box as well
  • In the Look In drop down menu, choose either “My Computer” or “Local Hard Drives (C:).”


  • If the search finds the file, ensure that it is in your system32 folder. Under the In Folder header, you will see where the file is located. If it is not in sys32, right click, select “Open Containing Folder” and “Move this File” option under File and Folder Tasks. In the Move Items dialog box, find and select the System 32 folder and click “Move.”

Upon trying the above mentioned procedures, if you are still unable to find the missing file in your computer, go online to Select your Windows version, and insert the missing file in the search engine. When the file is found, download it and place it in your System32 folder; reboot your computer.


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