Files names changed to different colors

Are the files and folders names on your computer showing in blue or green color? When you open your windows explore you find that all your files and folders names appear in blue or green color. Some users believe that virus is the culprit for infection on your computer. But, that is not the truth. It is actually due to a feature of NTFS file system in Windows. Follow the tutorial to fix the issue.

file folder names appear different color names
The NTFS file stores all the files and keep their respective places on the computer hard disk and all this are automatically created. Windows has the ability of compressing the files and folders to save space on your computer hard disk. Upon compression, Windows shows its name in blue color to make them easier to identify, whereas an encrypted file or folder name appears in green color. The files which are neither compressed nor encrypted are shown in default black color.

You can get rid of the feature, if you don’t want to see who all compressed or encrypted file are or folder names in different color, you can easily disable this feature by following the simple steps described below.

  • Boot your computer and open Windows Explorer
  • Next in the command bar, click on Organize > Folder and search options. For Windows XP users, you need to click on Tools > Folder Options.
  • Now when the Folder Options window opens, go to View tab

folder option show encrypted ntfs

  • Next, look for an option Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color. You can see that it would have enabled by default. Simply disable that option by unchecking the checkbox and applying the changes.


Upon completion of the above steps you can see that the Windows will no longer show any compressed or encrypted files or folders names in blue or green color.

You can see all the names in default black color rather in blue or green color without disabling the above mentioned option. To do so right-click on the file or folder whose name appears in blue or green color and select Properties from the context menu that appears upon clicking the feature. Next, click on Advanced button present near file attributes checkboxes. This will open the Advanced Attributes window.

advanced atributes compress to save space

Under the window disable both Compress contents to save disk space and Encrypt contents to secure data options and click on OK button to apply and close the window.

Once you have disabled both the options mentioned above, Windows will no longer show the names of file or folder name in different colors.

Upon following the steps described above you can easily make your file and folder name appear in default color that is black.


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