Black Screen appears after loading Windows logo – How to fix it?

Does your Computer or laptop screen go black upon loading windows? This may be because you have downloaded something that is not compatible with your Computer or laptop. On loading Windows, the laptop screen goes black as the new software that is downloaded prevents you from accessing the laptop. The possible solution to resolve this issue is described in this tutorial.

Windows screen goes black

As the windows can’t boot in the normal way, so you need to enter into the safe mode to access the laptop. On entering into the safe mode on your laptop, you can do three basic things to fix the issue. You can try system restore or look at the Event Viewer or uninstall the software program.

On getting into the safe mode try to uninstall the software program that you have installed recently. The software installed may not be compatible with your laptop and blocks the access on your laptop. Therefore, by uninstalling the program you can fix the issue. Upon uninstalling the software program reboot the system in normal mode and see whether the black screen appears or not.

Alternatively, you can try to restore your system to a previous date where the system worked perfectly fine. Go to Start then select All Programs and then accessories. Navigate to system tools and then to system restore option.

system restore

On running system restore option you get 3 options, they are

  • Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults.
  • Restore Operating System and Retain User Data.
  • Reinstall Drivers and Applications.

The first option will restore all the setting on your laptop to factory default; you will lose all the data that are stored on your system. You need to back-up your files before going for a system restore. If the system restore allows you to restore few days back, then go for that option.

You can also opt for the second one, this restore the OS and retain the user data. You can also try formatting your Operating System. The third one re-installs drivers and apps and can fix your problem if it is related to any drivers.

When everything you try in Safe Mode fails then your options become severely limited. The last option you can try is in the Safe mode list of options called “Last known good configuration”. These attempts to use a registry backup that was the last registry configuration to work. If that fails, then all you can try is a full system recovery which, if it works, re-install the OS.

windows safe mode

You can try to look at the Event Viewer and see what is preventing a proper load in Normal Mode. Go to My Computer and right click on it > Select Manage > Click on Event Viewer in the computer management window. If you are able to figure out the fault, then try fixing it.

When none of the modes on the system is working, try to backup the files. You can use Ubuntu live CD to back up your files from the system. After our files are saved, restore the machine to its factory load.

Even after trying all the steps discussed above the windows screen remains black, then you need to consult to a computer expert for further help.


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