Advanced Clean Boot on Windows XP

Many issues on your Windows XP based computer occur either due to an incompatible or corrupted program. To determine the root cause of an issue, you can either perform a clean boot or restart Windows without starting the program in question. Clean Boot is an alternate way to boot your computer with nominal and essential drivers to find out whether a program is causing problem or not. Follow the tutorial to clean boot your system.

advanced clean boot windows xp

Sometimes due to failure of any drivers or programs on your system can cause various issues leading to many computer issues. However, certain problems can be solved by troubleshooting them, but it is a time consuming process. The better method is by performing a clean boot that not only saves time but also keeps you away from frustration. To remove errors from your system, it is necessary to solve the issues. As mentioned above it is better to clean boot your system rather than wasting time in troubleshooting the issue.

Follow the steps to make an advanced clean boot on your system.

  • Go to Windows taskbar and click on start
  • Click to open the Run dialog box
  • In the Run dialog box, type msconfig to open the System Configuration Utility window
  • Choose the Selective Startup option in the System Configuration Utility and click to uncheck Process SYSTEM.INI File, Process WIN.INI File and Load Startup Items

system configuration

  • Disable all service except the one from Microsoft services by clicking on the Services tab, check Hide All Microsoft Services and click on Disable All.
  • Restart your computer. Now, Windows XP would have loaded with minimal programs.

If the problem is resolved, then it clearly indicates that the problem lies within one of the background programs. If the problem persists, then you need to conduct a deeper troubleshooting as the problem lies outside of the background programs.

Upon following the steps mentioned above you can fix errors on your Windows computer and enhance the performance. If the problem prevails even after performing the steps you can contact Microsoft Product Support Services, or you can try reinstalling the operating system and your programs.


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