Unable to Connect to Internet – How to fix it?

Unable to connect to Internet or ISP, is a common problem for many users. If you are facing the same problem here are some solutions to fix the issue. In order to access the Internet, you will need an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP will give you the information and instructions necessary for your home network to access their Internet services. Follow this tutorial to resolve the issue.

NO Internet

If you are unable to access the Internet start with power cycling your network.
  • Start with turning off of the router by unplugging it
  • Turn off the DSL or cable modem for three minutes
  • Turn off all computers attached to your network
  • Turn on the modem first and let it boot. Let it complete its connection to your ISP before proceeding
    to the next step
  • Once your modem completes the connection to your ISP, plug in the router and let it complete its power
    on test before proceeding to the next step
  • Restart your computer and see if you are able to connect or not.
 If you are still unable to access the Internet,then follow the next procedure.

Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again. In order to remove stored wireless network profile follow the steps given below.

For Windows XP

If you are using “Wireless Zero Configuration” to manage your wireless networking, go into the Network Connections folder by clicking on the Start button and then go to Run, in the command prompt type ncpa.cpl and click OK. Right click on the Wireless Network Connection, select Properties and then the Wireless Networks tab, where you can highlight and then “Remove” an existing profile.

For Windows Vista

Right click on the Network icon or My Network Places and select Properties. Click the link at the left to “Manage Wireless Networks” then, in the next window, highlight the “Network” to delete and click the “Remove” button.

After removing the profile, check your browser’s settings and remove any proxy settings if found. Then with the PC connected to the router. Click on Start followed by Run and type CMD. When the command prompt window appears type the following command IPCONFIG /ALL. Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.

After acquiring the IP address, ping the router and log in to the router.

In order to log in to the router follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome etc.
  • Enter IP address for ex- in the Address bar and press Enter key on the keyboard.
  • When the Windows security screen appears, type as per the instruction, and click OK.

After completion, the router’s Web interface will be displayed. Navigate to “Internet/LAN-Internet” after you have log in to the router’s WEB interface. Select “Acquire an IP address Automatically from a DHCP server” on Method of Acquiring IP Address, and click Apply.

Upon completion, you can successfully access the Internet. If you are still unable to access the Internet, contact your Internet service provider.


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