Why a Firewall is needed on PC?

A firewall is helpful in keeping a network secure and also controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analysing the data packets and determining whether it should be allowed through the network or not, based on a predetermined rule set. A network’s firewall builds a bridge between an internal network that is assumed to be secure and trusted, and another network, usually an external (inter) network, such as the Internet, that is not assumed to be secure and trusted. When your computer is connected to the internet, there are over 131,000 ‘ports’ that a hacker could connect to you. These ports are like doors in a building and if they aren’t protected properly, then someone could sneak in without your notice. Firewall prevents such hackers from accessing your computer. Follow the tutorial to know the advantages of having a firewall on your computer.

need of firewall

The hackers without even installing a virus can easily access your personal data from your computer without alerting your security software and cause some serious damage to you along with your system. To watch all of these doorways to your information, you need a firewall. In general, the term firewall means a fire-resistant wall that subdivides a building to stop the spread of fire from one area to another. In computer terms, it stops communications between your computer and others on the internet. A complete block of all internet communication would be useless though, so you need a way to select the type of communications you want to receive. For this, computer firewalls have rules and filters much like construction firewalls have access doors.

Firewall Location

The Firewalls can be a software program or hardware unit they may be a separate unit or part of the internet modem or router that you are using on your computer. Most popular security software packages include a firewall.  Many resources are spent in running a software firewall program so a hardware firewall is great for providing a barrier before your computer is even reached not only this it also reduces the risk of the firewall itself being compromised, as some viruses can try and disable security software features that are running on your computer. In comparison to a software firewall program a hardware-based firewall can be more expensive and not as easy to configure and maintain if you are a beginner.

Number of Firewall needed

It is not recommended using more than one software firewall as it consumes more processing power and causes conflicts. Turn off the Windows Firewall if your security software already has one. Some Operating system like on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Vista provides firewall; Microsoft provides firewall too. But, it only examines inbound communications coming into your computer from the internet. If your computer has got infected as you might have installed some free software that turns out to have a hidden disaster, then your outbound communication to other computers on the internet won’t be examined or filtered. This can turn your computer into a source of infection, impacting your security and internet connection.

Need of Firewall in Wireless Internet Connection

Even though you have a secure wireless connection you need a firewall. Wireless connection is another gate way to get onto the internet and wireless security controls, the ports are made open to the hackers. A firewall may be included on your wireless router, but it pays to check.

firewall advantage

Message on Running a Software Program

On attempting any kind of access or on installing software it warns you about the site being harmful and blocks the access to that site. While troubleshooting a connection problem you may need to temporarily disable your firewall. Software firewalls may alert you that a connection has been attempted and blocked and may ask if you wish to allow that kind of connection in the future.

Firewall is necessary to provide security to your Computer on the Internet and safeguards your data from being hacked. It has now become the minimum standard to protect your computer. If you have a Windows computer you should have firewall protection built in.


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