How to fix Wireless Connection issue in Dell Inspiron Mini 10 model?

Is the wireless connection on your Dell laptop not functioning properly? Even you are within the  vicinity of its wireless range  you are still unable to connect to the Internet. This problem is quite familiar with most of the Dell Mini 10 user. Here are some procedure regarding how to fix the issue.

dell inspiron mini 10

Firstly, you need to follow the basic procedure to find out what’s going on with the wireless connection of your laptop.

  • Click on Start menu, then search for Network and sharing center, go to manage wireless network option, it would display the name of your wireless network. Delete all of them one by one, then restart the computer and then try to connect to your network and it will work fine.
  • Also you need to ensure that whenever you try to connect to wireless network, there is wireless switch in the computer which you can be enabled by pressing (Fn+F2) at a same time and it will fix all kind of wireless connection issues.

Even after trying the basic procedure you find that the problem still persists, then you need to follow the next procedure.

  1. Right click on “My computer” and then click on “device manager” and under network adapter find out the type of network adapter installed in your laptop.
  2. After obtaining the respective driver, just go to the driver properties by double clicking on the driver and try using troubleshooter there. The troubleshooter enables you to analyse the problem associated with the driver. But, if everything turns to be fine there then you need to update the driver and restart the system.
  3. After restarting, try connecting to the wireless internet, if the same issue prevails then you need to download and install the wireless LAN drivers again. Click on to download the driver for Dell Inspiron Mini 10 model

Even after downloading and installing the driver, you fail to connect to the wireless internet then the problem lies within the Wireless Network Card. The card might have become faulty, as a result of which the system is unable to connect to the wireless Internet. You need to replace the wireless LAN card.

 How to Install a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Wireless Network Card?

dell wireless network card

All Dell laptop units that are designed to be used with wireless network cards includes an external PCI card slot on the case. This makes things easier because you don’t have to install the card inside the case, this does mean that you will have to buy a card specifically designed for the laptop directly from Dell.

  • Verify that the wireless network card you have purchased will work with your laptop. Dell model supports wireless network cards designed by Dell itself. So, make sure the type of wireless network card you have purchased will specifically fit the PCI card slot on the laptop. Compatible units will be listed on the box in which the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Network Card came
  • Locate the external PCI card slot on the case of your laptop. This slot will be on one of the sides of the case, either the left or the right
  • Insert your wireless network adapter into the PCI card slot on your laptop. The card should push directly into the slot until it won’t press in any farther. When properly connected, a green indicator light will illuminate on the card, indicating that it is now “on.”
  • Turn on your laptop. The Windows operating system should automatically recognize the card, and will notify on the screen that “Your hardware is installed correctly”. If this does not happen after a few minutes, put the CD-ROM for your Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Wifi Card into your DVD-ROM drive and follow the next step
  • Click “Install” to install the Dell wireless network card driver. Restart your computer. Your wireless network card is properly installed and configured in your laptop.

The above stated procedure, will help you fix the problem regarding the wireless connectivity on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and you can access the wireless Internet.


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