How to Boost Wireless Internet Speed?

Wireless Internet is becoming more popular and common as more people are choosing the way of convenience. It allows Internet access any time and anywhere. Wireless Internet allows you to get online without worrying about a line connection. You might have a wireless signal from your city or your location, or you might create a wireless Internet signal by using a wireless router with your cable, broadband or DSL (Direct Sight Lines) Internet. Nowadays, laptops and other gadgets come installed with wireless network adapters for convenience. You can boost up the wireless Internet speed by following a few basic steps described below.

boost wireless internet

Despite all conveniences, wireless networks can sometimes run slower than their wired counterparts because of the weakness of wireless signal strength and other issues. If your wireless network is running slow, there are several steps you can take to increase or optimise the speed.

Nearness To Router

The signal strength is strong near the router. So, move your computer closer to the wireless modem or router, especially if it is in another room or on another floor. The closer you get to the signal, the better your signal strength and the faster your connection will be.

Obstacle Free Path

The path between the router and receiving computers should be free from any kind obstacles. The more physical obstructions there are between your router and computer, the weaker the wireless signal is likely to be. Placing the router in a central location with clear sight lines to your computer will help boost the signal.

Use of Wireless Repeater

It is not always possible to move a router and laptop or computer to create DSL, or a computer might be too far from the router to receive a strong signal. A wireless repeater takes in a wireless signal and sends it back with increased strength to increase the signal’s range. Using a wireless repeater between your router and computer sends a signal around obstructions and can boost the performance of the wireless Internet.

Reduction of Signal Interference

The radio signals suffer a lot from interference, just like that when two wireless networks are in the same area, they can interfere with each other. If you know another wireless router is near yours, to avoid signal interference consider moving the router to a different area or ask the owner of the other router to move his.

Obtain a new Network Card

Generally, newer wireless network cards are faster, powerful and can pick up signals better than the old ones. In addition, the newer cards can use higher-end wireless technologies that allow for faster transfer speeds. Wireless 802.11B cards are slower than wireless 802.11G, and wireless 802.11N cards are the fastest. Therefore, always prefer a new updated network card for fast wireless Internet.

Reduce Network usage

Slow Internet on a wireless network actually isn’t the fault of the network, but that too many users connected on the same network causes traffic in signals. Disconnect other computers connected to the network to free bandwidth and increase speed. Setting up password protection for your router is also important to block free riders from connecting to your network and slowing it. Check your router’s user manual on how to set up a password.

The above-mentioned instructions will enhance the speed of Internet on wireless network.


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