MS Word Document Showing Compatibility Mode in Titlebar

Many users out there must have seen their Microsoft Office Word document opening in compatibility mode. This Compatibility Mode is nothing but has been introduced to support old documents and files that were created using earlier versions of Office suite such as Office 2003, etc. In other words, this mode helps you to open the document that was created using older version of Word in a new version of Word program without any glitch. But, when the document window shows Compatibility Mode text in title bar in each document be it older one or the new ones. Here is how you can resolve this issue.

Compatibility Mode Text Word Titlebar

If you are the one using MS Word 2007, 2010 or 2013, then you might have seen compatibility mode in title bar as this compatibility mode issue occurs in Microsoft Word versions that provide Compatibility Mode like the ones mentioned above.

Many users might have come across this type of situation. Generally, But, the actual problem arises when the compatibility mode text appears in title bar of all Word documents irrespective of whether it’s a new document or an existing one. Here is the tutorial how you can resolve this issue.
Here is how you can get rid of the compatibility mode in MS Word. Follow the steps described below to fix this issue.

From Microsoft Word Options

The reason behind causing this issue may be the default file format for saving new documents in Word has been changed, to restore the default file save format, follow the steps below:

  • Open Microsoft Word document and click on File Menu or the ORB at the upper left corner and then select on Word Options.
  • Now, move to Save tab and select Word Document (*.docx) from the drop-down list given in “Save files in this format” section

word option save

  • Finally, hit apply to apply the changes and restart Word.

You can now no longer see that Compatibility Mode text in title bar on opening the word document.

Upon following the procedure described above you can easily fix this issue- Compatibility Mode text in title bar.


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