How to Change the Ruler from Inches to Centimeters in MS WORD 2013?

Microsoft has launched the latest version for MS Word i.e. MS WORD 2013. If you are a Windows 8 users then you might come across the latest MS Word 2013. Its bit different compared to its earlier launched version. For a new user it might be little different to work on MS Word 2013. If you are some one who use the Ruler for your documents then here is how you can change the Ruler measurement units on Word 2013.

change ruler measrement ms-word-2013

Students or Officers who are used to write documents with precise measurements need the ruler. But if you are new to MS Word 2013 then you might be confused over how to change the ruler measurement units say from inches to Centimeters.  In this tutorial we will show you how to change the measurements for the ruler at the top of the Word document.

Simply follow the steps described to change your Word Ruler units from Inches to Centimeters on Word 2013.

  • On Word 2013 ribbon click on the File tab in upper left corner

ms-word ribbon

  • In the flyout or menu that appears,  click on Options in the left pane

file menu

  • You can see the Word Options dialog on screen. Next from the list click on Advanced tab
  • In the right pane of Advanced tab, scroll down to Display and here you can see the option Show measurements in units

change ruler units

  • Click on the drop down arrow and select your measurement units for the Word ruler. If you want to change to Centimeters then select it and click OK.
  • Upon hitting OK your units are applied to your Word Ruler.

If you don’t see the Ruler at the top of the MS Word then hit the view tab on the MS Word Ribbon at the very top and check the box for Ruler. This will enable the Ruler on the WORD 2013.

So, whenever you want to make changes on the Word ruler, you can follow the steps and change the measurement units are per your requirement for writing the document.

Upon following the tutorial here, hopefully you are able to change the Ruler measurement units on MS WORD 2013. If you find any other difficulties write to us in the comment section below.


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