How to Password Protect MS Office 2013 documents?

With the announcement of Windows 8, Microsoft also announced the launch of Microsoft Office 2013. The new Microsoft Office 2013 includes many new features most importantly you can now password protect your data, important documents like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. That also means the new MS office is now better than the earlier versions. It will secure your data and documents. The tutorial here will show you how to set Password to protect Office documents.

Password Protect MS Office 2013 documents

Securing your data using password will prevent your documents, workbooks, and presentations from being tampering or unauthorized access. Here is how to protect Office documents with Password & Permission.

Steps to Password Protect Office documents

  • Firstly, open the Word document you would like to password protect. Next, click on the ‘File’ option.
  • To the right hand side you can see a ‘Protect Document’ option

Office document protect

  • Now, click on the option and you will find new options as shown below
  • Mark as Final
    Encrypt with Password
    Restrict Editing
    Restrict Permission by People
    Add a digital Signature

Encrypt with password

  • As we need to protect the document with a password of choice i.e. Encrypting it with a password. So, select the second option from the options as shown above.
  • Encrypt Document dialog box appears, here type your desired password. But make sure that you remember the password, failing to do so or to remember the password as you won’t be able to retrieve it back as Microsoft will be incapable of retrieving the lost or forgotten password.
  • Always choose a strong password and then select OK.

enter the password

  • In the Confirm password window, re-enter your desired password and click OK.

confirm the password

Once you have completed all the steps you can see the new required permissions.

Password required

That’s all. Whenever you want to access your Word or MS office you will asked for password. For stronger protection of your files and folders you can use Free File Encryption Software available for Windows.
Now, you no longer have to worry about the privacy of the Word document as they can be encrypted using password in MS Office 2013.


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