How to Customize, Change Theme color, Default font in MS Office 2013?

Microsoft has launched the latest version of MS office I.e. Office 2013. If you are the one upgraded to the new MS Office 2013 the tutorial will help you change theme and font of Office 2013 documents. MS Office is used by many users. If you want to make any sort of presentation with attractive colors, then here is how you can customize Office 2013 documents.customize MS Office 2013If you find the default theme or the current theme of MS office 2013 not that interesting you can change your current theme and switch to a different one, or create a new theme. Let’s start customizing word document 2013 from Design tab in Word or the Page Layout tab in Excel.

Steps to Change Theme color in MS Office 2013

  • Firstly, open a new document and choose the ‘Designs’ tab

Pick Color

  • Next, click the drop-down arrow of ‘Colors’ and choose any color of your choice
  • You can also create your own set of colors from ‘Customize Colors’ option

customize colors

  • When the customize colors window pops out, click on the button adjacent to the theme color of your choice and then pick a color under ‘Theme Colors’ options

To create a customized or your own new color, select ‘More Colors’ and pick a color on the Standard tab or enter numbers on the Custom tab.

Standard Colors

You can see a Name box there, type a name for the new theme colors, and then hit Save.

You can now change the theme color within a click.

Steps Change default Font in Office 2013

To change the default fonts, follow the steps given below.

font change

Open MS office document and click on the Design tab, then select ‘Fonts’ and pick the font set you want for your document

In order to create your own set of fonts, select the ‘Customize Fonts’ option

You can see ‘Create New Theme Fonts’ box onscreen. Choose any desired fonts under the Heading font and Body font boxes.

color font

Next, name the new font by entering name in the ‘Name’ box, and click Save.

It is saved or the Custom Theme is saved for use in Office 2013 in near future. To do so, click on the Design tab, click Themes > Save Current Theme


Save current themeAgain, enter a name for the theme in the file name box and click Save.

To Set New Default Themes in Office 2013

Go to Design tab, click Set as Default.

If you want to make changes in the Excel 2013, then you can follow the similar procedures as described above.

Now, customize your Office 2013 with new colors, fonts, themes, etc. by following the steps described above.


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