How to Reset Firefox to remove Adware or Useless Toolbars?

Many Firefox uses out there must have come across the situation where you find that some useless toolbars are been added to the browser. This toolbar hijacks the search engine and homepage of browser. The toolbars get installed while downloading any software program. This toolbar are annoying as they change all the default settings of the browser. Here is the tutorial how you can set the browser back to the default ones or as before.

Reset Firefox to remove Adware or Useless Toolbars

The toolbar get installed without our concern and changes the search engine and homepage of browser. You can get to default settings by simply resetting the browser. This is a manual fix to get rid of the crapware and restores back your Firefox browser to factory settings. When any external program attempts to install an add-on to the browser, Firefox blocks it and alerts you about the external add-on by a prompt dialog. There are some add-ons who still creep through and changes browser search and homepage preferences without user consent.

Firefox has a strong built-in feature Reset button that was introduced with Firefox 13. By Resetting the Firefox you can remove toolbars and Undo the search engine and homepage changes caused by adware/malware

How to Reset Firefox to remove Adware?

  • Launch Firefox, then go to Help option in the toolbar and next to troubleshoot information

firefox troubleshoot reset

  • Next, click on Reset Firefox button

reset firefox

Upon resetting the Firefox, you will observe the changes listed below that will occur in the browser

All the browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, Cookies and Plug-ins will be moved and saved to a new profile untouched

All extensions, themes and toolbars will be removed

Search engine and homepage will be reset to default

There is no harm in Resetting Firefox rather it brings a newly installed Firefox by removing the crapy toolbar. All users must use it frequently.

So the next time when you get useless toolbars in your Firefox browser simply reset the browser.


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