How to Find Whether a File on Internet is Malicious or not?

Nowadays, malware are prowling over Internet. It’s very difficult to determine whether the file or any software program that you have downloaded or going to download is safe or malicious one. Many malicious files are in fact designed to damage your system. To prevent download of such malicious file various programs are available on the Internet. These days there are many very sophisticated, and simple, online services that allow you to make sure a file is not malicious. These online programs are necessary in order save your time as well as your PC from malwares. Some of the online programs are discussed in this tutorial.

Malicious file detection

If you believe that the file in question is probably safe, then you can get assured of it. You just need to upload the file to Comodo Valkyrie. This is a free service provided by Comodo that allows users to upload files up to 20MB to be analyzed almost instantly. After uploading the file look at the upper left corner. There is a part that says: SHA1. Copy the entire string of letters and numbers that are next to it. Now go to the page for Comodo File Intelligence.


Comodo File Intelligence service is used to verify whether the file is verified to be safe and is already present in Comodo’s huge white-list of safe files. Once on that site change the search box from “Search by Filename” to “Search by SHA1″. Paste in the SHA1 that you have copied earlier and click “Search Now”. Look at the information it provides. If it says that “The file is safe” then quickly look at the results from Comodo Valkyrie. If the Final Result from Comodo Valkyrie says that the file is Safe or Unknown, then you can trust the file. However, if Comodo Valkyrie says that the file is Malicious, then you have to use the other alternative way to sort the issue.

Alternatively, you can use Virus total to detect the malicious file. This service will scan any file you upload with over 40 different products and show the results separately for each one. You can upload files up to 32MB in size and the entire process take about a minute.

Another method to analyse malicious file is by using Comodo Instant Malware Analysis (CIM). You can upload files of any size to it and, after the upload is complete, it will immediately begin analyzing the file. The time taken to analyse the file depends upon the size of the file and complexity of its behavior. Upon the completion of analysis, the results will be given at the end of the report. The results can be easily analysed by the user.

Thus, by following the above-mentioned procedures you can easily detect the malicious file online. It is recommended not to download any malicious file as it would harm the system and you may come across numerous threats on your system.


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