Tips to Track a Lost or Stolen Laptop

Nowadays Laptops and ultrabooks are much in demand and a must have device for all. Laptops are not only portable, but also makes your daily life easier starting from doing homework to banking purpose. It helps us carry all valuable information starting from study materials to business deals anywhere. But, what if this valuable laptop is lost or stolen away? Here are some tips described to trace your laptop.

trace stolen laptop

Tracking Software

There are many software available on the Internet that can help in tracing a lost computer. Install the software like MyLaptopTracker, LoJack, etc. on your laptop to track the position of your lost computer. LoJack is laptop tracking software that is virtually undetectable. The presence of the software in the laptop cannot be detectable by the person who has stolen it. Even if the accused thief formats the computer the software reinstall itself upon booting. With the help of the software you can easily track the laptop position and have it back with you.

IP Address

Some normal services show the details of the last logged such as time, date, IP address, etc. Gmail is one of them, which always have a track of last logged in detail. If the thief tries to log-in your e-mail account from your laptop, then you can easily trace the IP address and find the position of the laptop.

Laptop Serial Number

Every laptop has its individual serial number which can be used in tracing the laptop. You can give the details of the stolen laptop to the manufacturer and they can trace the laptop. As, every laptop sends signals which get stored in a mother software along with the IP address from which the stolen laptop is being operated. Laptops are generally connected over a static IP address that is connected to system that is situated nearby. If the static address is changed, it can help you trace the stolen or lost laptop.

Systems tools like LaptopSentry that come with a charge and they function when a locked laptop is disconnected from its power supply by sounding a loud alarm. If you have left your laptop for charging and someone tries to disconnect it, then it warns you by producing a high-pitched noise.

There are even software that alerts you by sending an e-mail when the security of the laptop is threatened or compromised. These emails can be used to trace the lost laptop or the stolen laptop without the concern of the thief. One such good software is Inspire Trace.

The advanced technology has not only created laptop, but has also found the possible ways to trace it, if it is lost or stolen. Now, you don’t have to worry for a stolen laptop as the tools described above can help you trace the lost laptop. So, be relaxed as you can get back your lost or stolen laptop without any loss of data stored in it.


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