Sound Devices not Detected on Laptop – How to Fix it?

Does your laptop fail to detect the audio devices? The sound or the audio card installed on the laptop is connected directly to the motherboard. Laptop without audio is extremely boring as you cannot experience any music or sound while playing games or in other applications. There are various factors that are responsible for the failing audio devices. Here is the tutorial describing about the possible cause of the failing audio devices on the laptop.

sound device not detected laptop

Outdated or Missing Drivers

Proper functioning of the computer devices depend on drivers that are installed with the systems operating system, and work properly with little upkeep. If the driver is not updated, then it may cause the sound issue as the laptop fails to recognize the internal sound card. Updating of the system driver can fix the issue. You can also re-install the sound driver by downloading it from the manufacturer’s website. If the drivers are missing, then download and install the respective driver.

External Audio Devices

If the speaker on connecting with the laptop doesn’t function, then the possible cause may be the absence of the driver that is particularly needed for the device. Refer the installation brochure before connecting the external device to the laptop. This may inform you about the correct drivers that are needed for its proper operation. Plug the external device into other laptop and see whether it works properly on it or not. If it does operate well, then the computer audio device or sound card is in trouble.

Update Files or Drivers

If the files or the driver on the laptop is corrupted or outdated, then it may not support the operating system and raise the audio issues. When the laptop tries to communicate with the drivers, the drivers fail to respond back which causes this issue. Whenever such situation come along try updating the sound drivers before taking a major step into replacing the sound card. For the latest update of drivers check the laptop manufacturer’s website. Download them and install them. This may resolve the issue.

Failure of Sound Card

If your laptop fails to detect an audio device the culprit behind this can be the failing or a failed sound card. Even after updating the drivers the problem is not resolved then the problem is with the sound card installed on the laptop has failed.

If the sound card has failed, then it has to be replaced, which is quite expensive process as the laptop’s sound card is incorporated within the motherboard. Follow the above procedures before replacing the sound card.


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