Screen Flickering Continuously on my Laptop – How to fix it?

Does your laptop screen flickers continuously or every now and then?  Nowadays, Laptops and notebooks are in great demand. New technologies are involved in making the laptops more and more compact. But, there are various issues that arise due to reduced size like overheating, etc. Laptop screen flickers due to various reasons. Follow the tutorial to know the various causes and how to fix the flickering issue.  

fix flickering laptop screen

A flickering screen is bit irritating while doing work. Here are some tips which can resolve the flickering issue.

  • Sometimes the culprit behind the flickering screen may be the outdated video card or graphics card. Always keep your laptop’s video card updated. To update your video card, right-click on my computer > Manage > Device Management. Under Device management search for the video card and update it. Or Right click on desktop > Properties > Settings. There you can find the type of video card installed in your system and then Google it and update it.

computer management update video card

  • If the screen refresh rate is low, then it can cause flickering problems. Normally the Refresh Rate is set around 60 Hz. Refresh rate can be increased beyond 60 Hz if your system is good one.
  • Sometimes loose connections can cause your screen to flicker. Check your laptop connection for any loose connection. Open the back cover of a laptop and check for problems which is a bit difficult task. Upon detecting any loose connection fix them.
  • Laptop flicker can be an indication for a failing video card or any hardware unit. If you have a good knowledge about computer hardware’s then try fixing it.
  •  Failing power supply unit can also cause the screen to flicker.
  • If the hardware unit has failed then the only method to fix the issue is by replacing the unit.

Upon following all the above procedures you can easily fix the screen flickering problems on your laptop.


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