How to Recover your Laptop?

How to Recover your Laptop? Many new user find difficulty in recovering their laptop, but before moving to that one should know the difference between “recover” and “restore”. The terms “recover” and “restore” both refer to retrieving files from a backup device, such as a hard disk, external hard drive or other storage media. However, recovering files typically refers to relieve or save one or more files, while a restore refers to replacing a complete system or hard drive from a full system backup. Recovery instructions for different laptops are discussed below.

Acer Recovery Instructions

acer laptop

Follow the steps below to recover your Acer Laptops.

  • Switch ON your Acer Laptop
  • When the white ACER BIOS screen appears, hold the “Alt” key and press the “F10” key simultaneously at
    the screen to start Acer eRecovery
  • Once eRecovery has loaded, click on “Restore to Factory Default Settings”
  • Click “OK” to continue
  • Here by, the eRecovery process gets started and will update all the data on the C: drive and restore a
    fully functional factory image in about 10 minutes approx
  • Once eRecovery has run, press “OK” to reboot the system.

ASUS Recovery Instructions

asus laptop

  • Reboot your ASUS laptop
  • At the ASUS logo press F9
  • Click on to the recovery option and follow the onscreen instruction as directed
  • Reboot the system on completion.

 DELL Recovery Instructions

dell laptop

  • Turn ON or Reboot you laptop, and press Ctrl + F11 at the Dell logo
  • The Dell PC Restore by Symantec screen will come up
  • Select “Restore” or use the Tab key to highlight it and hit Enter
  • If you wish to continue, click “Confirm”, or use the Tab key to highlight it and press Enter
  • Once the utility is completed, click “Finish”, or use the Tab key to highlight it and then press Enter and reboot the laptop.

GATEWAY Recovery Instructions

gateway laptop

  • Reboot your laptop, and press F11 or the R key to start the recovery process
  • Select either “Full System Restore (Destructive)” or “Full System Restore (With Backup)”
  • Restore With Backup preserves data in the My Documents folder, but requires 4 GB of disk space
  • Click “Next”, and then click “Yes” to confirm the recovery process
  • Wait for the computer to restore itself. When it is done, click “Reboot” to reboot the computer.

HP or COMPAQ Recovery Instructions

hp laptop

  •  Reboot your HP laptop, and repeatedly press F10 at the HP logo until the recovery screen appears
  • When the recovery screen appears, press “Next” and then “Yes” to perform a non-destructive recovery
  • To perform a destructive recovery, click “Advanced” and then “Yes”
  • After the recovery is completed, the laptop will restart or reboot.

PACKARD BELL Laptop Recovery Instructions

packard bell laptop

  • Turn ON the system
  • When the Packard Bell logo appears, press the F11 key for a few seconds to start the Recovery Program
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to recover the laptop and reboot upon completion.

SONY  VAIO Recovery Instructions

Sony Vaio

  • Turn ON your VAIO laptop
  • When the VAIO logo appears on the computer’s screen, briefly press the F10 key on the computer
  • The VAIO Recovery Wizard appears on screen.
  • Select the recovery option or follow the instructions that appears on the screen
  • Upon completion, reboot the system.

Upon following the above steps, you can easily recover your laptop . But, if you are still unable to recover your laptop you can visit the manufactures website to find out the recovery instructions for the particular model.


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