Laptop Screen get Pixelated when Plugged into Power – How to fix it?

Does your laptop screen get pixelated when plugged into power? The problem may be associated with fault in adapter or graphics card or hardware, etc. Every laptop features an integrated LCD screen, and every screen has a native resolution, which varies from one laptop model to another. Pixelation occurs when a non-native resolution is used to display images on the laptop screen. You can fix pixelation on a laptop screen by resetting the screen to its native resolution or by diagnosing the possible cause behind it.

pixelated computer screen

Before taking a major step to fix the issue, try to figure out the other external causes of pixelation. Follow the steps to determine the possible cause and solution to fix the issue.

Outlet or Power Strip Problem

Determine the external cause of pixelation. Plug the computer into a different electric outlet or power strip and see if the pixelation continues. If it doesn’t, the problem is with the outlet itself. You need to fix the outlet rather than your laptop.

Adapter Problem

Check whether adapter used by you is properly functioning or not. Plug your laptop with another adapter compatible with your laptop. If you experience pixelation only with the original power adapter, you know that the problem is with that particular power adapter, rather than with the computer itself.

Video or Graphics Card Failure

If the pixelation continues even after you unplug the computer and if everything is fine with the outlet or power adapter, then a problem may exist with the computers graphics or video card. Graphics and video cards are the computer hardware that allows a computer to render images and video. Pixelation on the screen may indicate a malfunction with one or both of these hardware components. If the Graphics card is the faulty one then you need to replace it.

Repair Services

Repair the laptop only if you have a sound knowledge regarding it or you are trained in computer repair. If not. Don’t even think of repairing of your own as you my damage the other hardware component unknowingly. Taking the computer to a professional repair specialist not only guarantees prompt and proper repair of graphics and video card problems, but also enables you to get a checkup of the general health and well-being of your computer.

Thus, by following the above described guidelines you can resolve the pixelation problem from your laptop.


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