Laptop Battery Fails to Charge – How to fix it?

Does your Laptop battery fails to charge upon connecting to AC adapter? Here are some tips which can help you fix the issue. Laptop batteries are used to power laptop computers when not connected over AC power adapter. The longevity and time duration of a laptop battery is linked to the make and size of the battery along with the amount of power used by a system’s resources. A failed laptop battery turns the laptop into desktop that needs to be connected to the AC power Adapter for its operation. Here are some instruction to sort out the problem.

laptop battery fails to charge

It is useless to have a laptop that needs to be connected to AC power. There are various factors that cause the laptop battery to fail. Follow the steps to ensure whether the power supply or the battery is to be blamed for the problem.

  • Every electronics equipment requires a specific voltage and current for its proper operation that is delivered to the laptop via AC adapter. If the adapter fails to deliver the required amount of voltage and current, then it may not recharge the battery properly or fails to charge the laptop. Ensure that the AC adapter is functioning properly or not before replacing the battery with a new one.
  • Check the AC power for a loose connection with the laptop. Ensure that the laptop is tightly connected with the power socket. A loose connection can result in the power loss and fails to recharge the battery.
  • Dust and particle accumulation between laptop connectors and the battery can be the cause behind the battery recharge problem. Remove the battery and clean the connectors and re-seat it into its location.
  • Overcharging of laptop can cause the battery to drain all the powers when disconnected from the AC adapter. Avoid charging of laptop for a longer duration or existing a normal time. The battery drives into a condition where it drains all the charge within lesser time limits than normal. This is caused by a problem with the battery memory and can be fixed by completely draining all power from the battery before fully recharging it with an AC adapter.
  • Try to recharge the laptop battery by placing the battery in other laptop of same make and function to test. If the battery charges, then the fault is with the adapter and replacement is needed. If the battery doesn’t charge then it’s time to replace the laptop battery.

The instructions described above will help you fix the issue why the laptop won’t charge on connecting to the AC adapter.


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