How to Fix: Cursor Jumps while typing

Many Laptop users might have come across this annoying situation where the mouse cursor automatically jumps to a different location and if we busy with typing without noticing then we might end up with an unpredictable document that might look something written in an alien language. Here is how you can prevent the mouse cursor Jumping Problem in Laptops.

Fix Cursor Jump typing

Laptop is been used by many a lot of nowadays. Many users out there must have noticed that when you are typing something important in Microsoft Word or a web browser or anywhere else and due to the Jumping cursor problem you might end up with a horrible document.

Here are some fixes to this issue.

Firstly, try turning off the synaptic touchpad while typing as it has been often noticed that you might unknowingly hit the touchpad making the cursor jump around the screen. Or you may try using mouse connected externally and disabling the laptop touchpad, if possible.

There is another alternate solution to it. A freeware called “TouchFreeze” can fix the jumping cursor problem. It has also been suggested by Microsoft community as well. TouchFreeze automatically disables the touchpad of your laptop once you start typing. Since it disables touchpad, cursor doesn’t jump automatically while typing.

To begin the use, firstly you need to download and install the software. Upon installation you can find it in system tray. It is very simple to use and doesn’t need any configuration. When you want to close it, simply right-click on its icon in the system tray and select exit option.

touchfreezeIf you are one who is facing similar problem while using your laptop, you can use this freeware. To download TouchFreeze for Windows click this link.

Upon following the tutorial here you can fix the jumping cursor issue in your laptop.


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