How to clean liquid spills on laptop keyboard?

Laptops or ultrabooks are one of the necessary items for every youth. Many new and advanced technologies are growing up day by day bringing up many latest gadgets. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the some drink splits on your gadgets say laptop? Even though you are handling with care accidents can occur like spilling a drink on the delicate keyboard. As liquids can an electrical short circuit within the system it is important to clean it up as soon as the drink is split that is within no time. Here is the tutorial guiding how to clean a laptop keyboard when you spill up any drink on it.Drink spilled on keyboard

Whenever you spill any liquid on your laptop keyboard, try cleaning out within no time, as this can cause internal damage to the CPU, motherboard, etc. Here is the tutorial how you can clean the keyboard to prevent from any damage in system.

  • As soon as you discover that you have spilled liquid on your system, cut the power supply to prevent any kind of short circuit. Shut down the computer, unplug it and remove the battery.
  • Try drying out the liquid spilled on the external panel. Soak up any liquid on the outside of the keyboard or in between the keys with napkins.
  • Try taking off the keyboard by removing the head screws and several internal clips or turn your laptop upside to drip out the liquid.
  • Dry the board by using a microfiber cloth to soak up any liquid in between the keys.
  • Allow your laptop to dry in a dry place. Do not turn on the computer for at least 72 hours. If you have disassembled your laptop, then reassemble it after 72 hours have passed.
  • Replace back all the disassembled parts like the battery, etc. and turn on the power button. If this doesn’t work, remove the battery, plug in the power cord and try again.

If the spill hasn’t caused any damage to your laptop, then your laptop will successfully power on. If your laptop doesn’t power on then the internal parts might have damaged. Consult to computer expert to fix the issue.


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