How to fix Synaptics TouchPad Cursor problem?

The synaptics touchpad on your laptop is not functioning properly or the cursor jumps by its own all over the screen, etc. all these issues can be categorised under Synaptics Touchpad Cursor problem. There are various reasons behind these problems, which are discussed in this tutorial along with the method to solve this problem.

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The different issues related to Synaptics touchpad are described below.

The Synaptics touchpad not functioning at all

The synaptics touchpad might have disabled which in turn disables the functioning of it. Try enabling it by going to the device manager. To this right click on My Computer icon on your computer, and then select Manage. On selecting it, Computer management window pops out. Select the Device Manager option there. Navigate to Mice and other pointing Device option and select it to find if the touchpad is enabled or not.

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If not enabled, then enable it. Most of the time user disables the Synaptics touchpad unknowingly. You can also look for shortcuts to enable it, which may be in the keyboard or in the system tray icons in the right hand side of the screen. For example: Fn+F7 enables the touchpad in Acer laptops.

If upon enabling the device the problem continues, then just remove all the external device connected to it and shut down the computer. Disconnect the external mouse and the battery and plug out the ac supply for a while. Reinstall the battery and ac adapter and boot it up. This will resolve the issue. If the problem still persists, then try uninstalling all the touchpad drivers or delete all the driver related to it and reboot the system. Upon restarting, the issues will have disappeared. You can find the drivers in the device manager.

If the above mentioned solution doesn’t fix the issue, then download the drivers needed for the touchpad to function properly from the manufacture’s website and install them on your laptop. Restart your laptop upon installation.

Laptop touchpad cursor jumps around while not touching it

This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities.

  1. Touching the touchpad without realising.
  2. Driver related issue.
  3. Dirty touchpad.
  4. Bad hardware.

To resolve the issue follow the guidelines listed below.

Make sure you are not touching the touchpad

The touchpad is often close to where the palms of your hands and thumbs lay, it’s possible that you may be touching the touchpad without realising it. An easy way of determining this is to see if the cursor moves without touching anything on the keyboard.

Dirty touchpad

Dirty touchpad can also cause the pointer to move by its own. Oils, lotion, and other substances from your fingers can cause the touchpad to not work properly. Make sure the touchpad is clean. You can clean the touchpad by dampening a cotton cloth with water or alcohol and rubbing the touchpad surface.

Disconnect other external input devices

It may not be always the touchpad that’s causing your issue. If you have other input devices such as an external mouse, graphics tablet, keypad, etc., try disconnecting these devices to make sure they’re not the cause of your issue.

Disconnect from docking station

If your laptop is only encountering this issue while connected to a docking station, it could be the cause of your issues. To get rid of the issues make sure your laptop has the latest BIOS update.

Update drivers

The Synaptics touchpad on the laptops are driven by drivers. The drivers control how the touchpad interfaces with the operating system, if the drivers contain issues, any number of problems can occur. Make sure you have the latest drivers from your laptop manufacturer for your touchpad either by visiting their website or contacting their support.

Bad hardware

Upon completion of all the above steps if the problem is still persisting with your touchpad, it’s possible that you may have a physical hardware issue either with the touchpad or interface connected to the touchpad.

If the synaptics touchpad is out of order, then use an external USB mouse or replace it. The above discussed solution will help you resolve the synaptics touchpad related problem on your laptop.


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