Laptop Speakers Volume Reduced or Decreased – How to fix it?

Speakers not loud enough as compared to when it was bought – How to fix this problem on Windows system? Sound from laptop speakers gradually decreases as the time passes, many users have been complaining about this. There can be several reasons behind this be it drivers or faulty speakers or volume settings. Here is the tutorial how to resolve the issue on Windows PC.fix Laptop Speakers Volume Reduce decrease

Laptop not making enough sound as compared to the first time it was bought. Try out the fixes described here if you find your laptop speakers not sounding like earlier.

Firstly make sure that your Volume is set up to 100%.

Update all the sound drivers. Open device manager and update the audio drivers. Outdated driver can lead to the reduced sound in Windows PC. To install new drivers for your system it is always recommended to be downloaded from PC manufacturer’s website. After installing the drivers restart your system and check if the sound of your laptop is increased.

If you have Realtek icon on the taskbar click on it or open it on from the control panel. Go to its audio control panel and check the box for Speakers and hit ok. This will generally improve the sound effects.

Check the laptop speakers if they are not loud enough then the speakers must be the faulty one. Check the individual speakers whether they are sounding properly or not.

Alternatively, you can try disabling the devices under Sound, video and game controllers in Device Manager and restart your PC. At times many issues can be resolved like this, on rebooting Windows re-installs all the drivers and ensures a proper functioning of the devices.

If the device Sound card turns out to be a faulty one then you need to replace it. You can contact your manufacturer if the problem with low sound prevails.

Upon following the troubleshooting steps described above hopefully you can fix issues with reduced volume of your speakers on Windows Laptop.


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