Bluetooth not Functioning on Dell Inspiron 14R Laptop – How to fix it?

Is the Bluetooth device not working on your Dell Inspiron laptop? The possible cause to fix the issue is described in this tutorial. Bluetooth is an open wireless technology which helps in connecting devices and exchange data over short distances using radio transmissions in the ISM band with frequency between 2400-2480 MHz. It also overcomes the problem of synchronization. Sometimes due to some driver issues it stops functioning. Here are some methods to fix the issue.

bluetooth not working

Firstly verify that the Bluetooth device on your laptop is activated. To activate Bluetooth press Fn+F2 key.

Try Troubleshooter

Next verify whether the driver installed on your laptop is working or not. To achieve this click on Computer, then go to Manage. Select the Device Manager in left pane. Click on the Bluetooth Devices. See whether the Bluetooth is working properly or not. If not, try troubleshooting there this will show the methods how to fix the issue.

device manager bluetooth

Download Driver

If the above method doesn’t fix the issue, then download the appropriate driver for the laptop. Go to the Dell site and enter the service tag number of your laptop. A number driver appears on the screen, select and download the first driver for Bluetooth. Upon downloading install them on your laptop and restart your laptop. After restarting, you can see your Bluetooth device on laptop is able to connect to other Bluetooth devices.

Before downloading the Bluetooth driver, make sure that you are aware of the type of operating system and the number of bit OS installed on your laptop and download the driver accordingly.

Manufacturer CD

If the problem still persists, then try installing the Bluetooth driver from the CD that was accompanied with the laptop. Insert the CD and find the Bluetooth driver folder and install them on the C: drive of your laptop. After the installation is complete, restart the laptop to bring the change into effect. Now the problem must have been solved.

Corrupted OS

If the windows OS is corrupted, then you need to format the operating system. Upon formatting try installing the Bluetooth driver again. Else try to contact computer expert to sort out this problem.

Upon following the above instructions hopefully you can resolve the Bluetooth not functioning issue.


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