External Monitor not working on Laptop – How to fix it?

When you connect an external monitor to your laptop, you find that the monitor is not working. The problem probably lies in the graphics card or the cable or in the monitor itself. Firstly you need to determine the actual culprit responsible for this problem, whether it is the monitor itself or the graphics card inside the laptop. Follow the tutorial to fix the issue.

laptop external monitor

  • Check the VGA connector cable which is used to connect the laptop and the external monitor is properly connected or not. If the cable needs replacement then replace it.
  • Check whether your display is “extended” to a second monitor. If it is, turn that feature off and try again.
  • Set the screen resolution to a range that is needed by the monitor to display.
  • Determine that the Fn key combination for toggling the displays is fully functional, it should toggle laptop screen or laptop + external or external. If the toggle action is working the keyboard can be ruled out and we are left with a fault on the motherboard.
  • Connect the external monitor to other laptop and see whether it’s working properly or not. If everything goes fine then the problem may be in the laptop. If the monitor doesn’t respond to any other device then it’s very clear that the problem is with the monitor. Check and repair the monitor’s hardware and sort out the problem.
  • If the monitor works in the Safe Mode, then it might be a conflict between some of the drivers. Try updating the drivers and see whether the issue is resolved or not.
  • If the laptop screen is not functioning as well then it’s the graphics card or the motherboard which is to be blamed. Try diagnosing the issue and replace the graphics card or try updating the graphics card. If it’s the motherboard then you need to repair the motherboard.
  • If you have recently installed any software or update, then by undoing those will settle the matter.

Upon uninstalling those updates that can be uninstalled does not resolve the issue, then a System Restore should remove those that cannot be uninstalled by the above route. Try to restore the system to a date where the monitor functioned properly, to fix the issue. If the issue is resolved, then you should reinstall the updates that are essential one by one to find the culprit. This may be achieved by setting Updates to Notify rather than Automatic.

If the issue is not resolved by a System Restore as the last resort the most likely cause is hardware or the graphics driver which you could update or reinstall the graphics driver in the laptop. Resolve the issue by repairing the motherboard. Open the laptop only when you have a sound knowledge about computer hardware or else contact a computer expert to deal with the hardware. Upon following the steps mentioned above you will be able to fix the issue.


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