Dell Inspiron 1545 Screen Goes Black – How To fix it?

When you power on the Dell Inspiron 1545 and the Dell logo appears on the screen on booting and after that the screen suddenly goes black. There are couple of causes for this issue that may be the faulty inverter or the back-light or LCD screen or LCD cables. Even if anything goes wrong with the motherboard, it can cause the screen go black. Various issues concerned with the appearance of black screen along with the possible solution to fix the issue is discussed below in this tutorial.

dell inspiron 1545 laptop

Firstly, ensure that the LCD is working properly or not. For this, plug the laptop into an external monitor through the VGA (blue squarish looking port in the back) and boot the system. If the display seems to be fine on the external monitor, then the LCD screen is perfectly fine. If it doesn’t work, then it suggests that video card itself is faulty or damaged. In that case you need to Replace the video card.

When the laptop is connected to an external monitor the LCD screen works, it indicates something is wrong with the inverter or the cables. Open the LCD cover, confirm that the cables are connected, confirm that the inverter is working fine. Inverter is a rectangular looking chip with a cable plugged into each side typically on the bottom side of the screen as it is what controls the screen display. It’s function is to invert or convert the low voltage from the laptop power source to a much higher voltage needed by the screen. When the inverter is faulty, LCD screen may appear black

The inverter is a small board under the screen that controls the LCD back-light and brightness of the laptop. Since recent laptops LCD’s are not back lighted anymore, and use LED, the part became outdated on newer laptops and any fault to it causes the screen appear black.

If you suspect the inverter is faulty, then replace it with a new one as it is cheaper. If you suspect the inverter cable to be the culprit, then look for burnt marks or disconnected wires, possibly even the connections just being loose. Loose cable wire can cause black screen so fix it to avoid such issue.

If the LCD back-light is faulty, then the screen would be totally black that is you wouldn’t be able to see anything, even if you shine a light on the screen. Best solution is to replace the back-light.

If even after replacing the back-light and inverter and the LCD does in fact work because you can see the items using a flashlight, then the likely culprit is the motherboard. Improper or poor power supply will not be giving the proper signal to LCD Screen to “turn on” or the fault may be in power supply cables. The voltage required by the LCD may not be sufficient, you can check the voltage by using a multimeter. The voltage supplied by the PSU is not sufficient then replace the PSU.

Another possible cause may be the faulty LCD screen. To find that run an LCD test.

  1. Shut down the system and keep the adapter plugged in
  2. Press and hold the letter ‘D’ and in the meanwhile turn on the system and keep holding “D” till you see colors coming up the screen and changing as well
  3. If there are solid colors, screen is fine, but if you can’t see the colors properly and the screen is still dim there is an issue with LCD.

In case you find that LCD screen is faulty or damaged then the best option is to buy a new LCD Screen which comes with everything pre-installed,  you just need to remove the old and install the new one. Make sure it comes in the casing and everything so you just screw it into the laptop base and connect the cable to the motherboard.

Sometimes overheating can cause the screen go black. Avoid overheating of laptops to prevent such kind of issues. Do not open the system case until you have a sound knowledge about hardware. The above-mentioned solution will fix the screen goes black issue and make your laptop function properly.


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